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the database formerly known as PRINTS

PRINTS-S is a public domain database currently maintained exclusively at the University of Manchester.

PRINTS-S Version 20
(modelled on PRINTS Version 42.0)
Faculty of Life Sciences
The University of Manchester,
Manchester M13 9PT, UK

Attwood, T.K., Bradley, P., Flower, D.R., Gaulton, A.,
Maudling, N., Mitchell, A., Moulton, G., Nordle, A.,
Paine, K., Taylor, P., Uddin, A. and Zygouri, C. (2003)
PRINTS and its automatic supplement, prePRINTS.
Nucleic Acids Research, 31(1), 400-402.

2,156 FINGERPRINTS, encoding
12,444 single motifs

Creation date: 2 February, 2012
Compiled by: T.K.Attwood, A.L.Mitchell, G.Muirhead & P.Philippou

DNADAMAGECP1DNA damage checkpoint protein 1 signature
POLR2GRINL1DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit GRINL1 signature
PUTNUCHARBI1Putative nuclease HARBI1 signature
HEXIMFAMILYProtein HEXIM1/HEXIM2 family signature
HTLV1ZIPPERHTLV-1 basic zipper factor signature
INTSUBUNIT2Integrator complex subunit 2 signature
INTSUBUNIT10Integrator complex subunit 10 signature
STKINASEGDTProbable serine/threonine-protein kinase GDT family signature
DSEPROTEIN2Daughter-specific expression protein 2 signature
HTDHYDRTASE2Hydroxyacyl-thioester dehydratase type 2 (mitochondrial) signature
TRNSPORTRHRGHaem transporter HRG signature
APODVERTBRTEVertebrate apolipoprotein D signature
WOLFFAMILYWolframin family signature
WOLFRAMINWolframin signature
FIBSHEATHIP1Fibrous sheath-interacting protein 1 signature
MRGPCRFAMILYMas-related G-protein coupled receptor family signature
MRGPCRAMas-related G protein-coupled receptor A signature
MRGPCRDMas-related G protein-coupled receptor D signature
MRGPCREMas-related G protein-coupled receptor E signature
MRGPCRFMas-related G protein-coupled receptor F signature
MRGPCRHMas-related G protein-coupled receptor H signature
INPROXISOME2Inheritance of peroxisomes protein 2 signature
TOXINPGFAMLYToxin Pg family signature
PROTEINIBD2Protein IBD2 signature
PROTEININCA1Inhibitor of CDK interacting with cyclin A1 protein signature
JAGGEDFAMILYJagged/Serrate protein family signature
CENTROSOME7878 kDa centrosomal protein signature
DONSONDownstream neighbour of Son (DONSON) protein signature
PROTEINDPCDProtein DPCD signature
PROTEINEAF5Chromatin modification-related protein EAF5 signature
VOPPROTEIN1Vesicular, over-expressed in cancer, pro-survival protein 1 signature
ECCREGULATOREndothelial cell-specific chemotaxis regulator signature
NGLYCOSEOS1N-glycosylation protein EOS1 signature
PPDPFACTORPancreatic progenitor cell differentiation & proliferation factor signature
4JOINTEDBOX1Four-jointed box protein 1 signature
FOLLICULNIP1Folliculin-interacting protein 1 signature
PROTEINFRG2Protein FRG2 signature
PROTEINFYV8Protein FYV8 signature
PROTEINGAPTProtein GAPT signature
GATSLIKEFMLYGATS-like protein family signature
GIGANTEAProtein GIGANTEA signature
GLC7IP4GLC7-interacting protein 4 signature
GKINASEAP1G kinase-anchoring protein 1 signature
GOLM1CASC4Golgi membrane protein 1/Cancer susceptibility candidate gene 4 signature
HAUSAUGMINL1HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 1 signature
HAUSAUGMINL2HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 2 signature
HAUSAUGMINL3HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 3 signature
HAUSAUGMINL4HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 4 signature
HAUSAUGMINL5HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 5 signature
HEPBVIRUSXIPHepatitis B virus X-interacting protein signature
HDA1SUBUNIT3HDA1 complex subunit 3 signature
HYLETHALUSS1Hydrolethalus syndrome protein 1 signature
GENEIEX1Radiation-inducible immediate-early gene IEX-1 signature
A8IMIRACIDIAImmunogenic miracidial antigen 8I' signature
INPROXISOME1Inheritance of peroxisomes protein 1 signature
INOS145TPRIPInositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor-interacting protein signature

Updated fingerprints are highlighted by '*'.