P-val FingerPRINTScan
The latest version of the FingerPRINTScan package uses an approach,
based on Karlin and Altschul statistics, to generate a probability-value
for each scoring match to a motif.
FPScan Provides the closest matching PRINTS fingerprint(s) to your protein sequence. Tabular results provide different levels of diagnostic detail, and direct links to GRAPHScan. Hierarchical views of the relationships between matching fingerprints (using parent-child relationships stored in PRINTS-S) are also provided.
GRAPHScan Provides a graphical view of your sequences scanned with a given fingerprint. Matching motifs are highlighted when they score above the threshold % identity.

FingerPRINTScan is available to download for local installation;

For database files, visit the ftp site: ftp.bioinf.man.ac.uk/pub/fingerPRINTScan/database/
Mail any comments, bugs, or suggestions to: attwood@bioinf.man.ac.uk