Protein Reports Engineered from Concise Information in SWISS-PROT
PRECIS is an automated annotation system which generates protein reports from sets of related SWISS-PROT entries. The software aims to provide annotation placed in the context of the family to which query sequence belongs. Results are collated in the form of a structured report detailing (where known) the function and structure of the most similar protein family or superfamily, the disease(s) with which they are associated, relevant literature references and a list of keywords. Reports are tailored according to whether the sequences under investigation represent a protein family, superfamily or domain-family.
You are currently browsing the user-specified sequence entry point to the PRECIS annotation system. A BLAST-based entry point to the pipeline can be found HERE.

To use PRECIS, enter a batch of SWISS-PROT identifiers in the space below, each on a new line.


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