Multiple Extraction Techniques for Informative Sentences

METIS combines the PRECIS annotation tool with two information extraction systems: a set of Support Vector Machine classifiers and BioIE, which is rule-based. Starting with a single query sequence, PRECIS generates structured reports from sets of related Swiss-Prot entries. The information extraction systems can then be used to extract pertinent sentences from the biomedical literature.

To use METIS, either:Examples:
a) enter a valid Swiss-Prot identifierNFKB2_HUMAN
b) paste a single protein sequence in FASTA format>RBS_TOBAC
...into the box below, and provide an E-value cut off. The software will perform a BLAST search of the sequence against the Swiss-Prot database and digest related entries to produce a report.

Sequence or identifier:BLAST E-value cut off:

Sequences which score above this cut off are not permitted into the annotation culling process.

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