At a glance:
PTMs Domains RNA/DNA-associated

Oxidoreductases Transferases Hydrolases Isomerases Ligases Lyases Others

Electron transport Other transport Structural Receptors

Cytokines Hormones Toxins Inhibitors Chaperones Others


      Post-translational Modifications top

GLABLOOD      P  3  Coagulation factor GLA domain signature
GLABONE       P  2  Bone matrix GLA domain signature
INTEIN        P  6  Intein signature

      Domains top

4DISULPHCORE  P  4  4-Disulphide core signature
ANAPHYLATOXN     3  Anaphylatoxin domain signature
ANKYRIN		 2  Ankyrin repeat signature
APPLEDOMAIN   P  3  Apple domain signature
BARWIN        P  4  Barwin domain signature
C2DOMAIN      P  3  C2 domain signature
CHITINBINDNG  P  3  Chitin-binding domain signature
COFILIN       P  5  Cofilin/destrin family signature
COMPLEMNTC1Q  P  4  Complement C1Q domain signature
DAGPEDOMAIN   P  4  Diacylglycerol/phorbol-ester binding signature
EGFTGF        P  4  Type I EGF signature
EGFBLOOD         4  Type II EGF-like signature
EGFLAMININ       4  Type III EGF-like signature
F138DOMAIN	 3  FAM138 N-terminal domain signature
NEUREGULIN       4  Neuregulin family signature
FNTYPEI          2  Fibronectin type I repeat signature
FNTYPEII      P  3  Fibronectin type II repeat signature
FNTYPEIII        4  Fibronectin type III repeat signature
GPOSANCHOR    P  2  Gram-positive coccus surface protein anchor signature
INSULINRSI       6  Insulin receptor substrate-1 PTB domain signature
SHCPIDOMAIN      6  SHC phosphotyrosine interaction domain signature
JDOMAIN		 4  DnaJ domain signature
KELCHREPEAT      3  Kelch repeat signature
KRINGLE       P  4  Kringle domain signature
LEURICHRPT       2  Leucine-rich repeat signature
LINKMODULE       4  Link module signature
MAMDOMAIN     P  5  MAM domain signature
LNOTCHREPEAT	 3  LIN-12/notch repeat (LNR) signature
NUDIXFAMILY   P  2  NUDIX hydrolase family signature
MUTATORMUTT      2     Mutator MutT protein signature
MUTATORMUTX      6     Mutator MutX protein signature
8OXTPHPHTASE     7     7,8-dihydro-8-oxoguanine triphosphatase signature
NPPPHYDRLASE     5     DATP pyrophosphohydrolase signature
TETRPHPHTASE     6     Bis(5'-nucleosyl)-tetraphosphatase signature
PTREFOIL      P  3  P-type trefoil domain signature
PRORICH          5  Small proline-rich protein signature
SH2DOMAIN     P  5  SH2 domain signature
SH3DOMAIN     P  4  SH3 domain signature
SOMATOMEDINB  P  3  Somatomedin B signature
TSP1REPEAT       3  Thrombospondin type 1 repeat signature
VWFADOMAIN       3  von Willebrand factor A domain signature
WWDOMAIN      P  2  WW domain signature
ZPELLUCIDA    P  6  Zona pellucida sperm-binding protein signature

      RNA- or DNA-associated proteins top

HOMEOBOX      P  3  Homeobox signature
OTXHOMEOBOX      4  Otx transcription factor signature
OTX1HOMEOBOX     3     Otx1 transcription factor signature
OTX2HOMEOBOX     4     Otx2 transcription factor signature
ANTENNAPEDIA  P  2  Homeotic antennapedia protein signature
ENGRAILED     P  2  Engrailed homeodomain signature
PAIREDBOX     P  4  Paired box signature
POUDOMAIN     P  5  POU domain signature
OCTAMER          4  Octamer-binding transcription factor signature
NCTRNSLOCATR     9  Nuclear translocator signature
NUCFACTORATC     4  Nuclear factor of activated T cells (NFAT) signature
HYPOXIAIF1A      4  Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha signature
HTHCRO           2  CRO family helix-turn-helix signature
HTHREPRESSR      2  Lambda and other repressors helix-turn-helix signature
HTHARAC       P  2  Bacterial regulatory protein araC family signature
HTHASNC       P  3  Bacterial regulatory protein asnC family HTH signature
HTHARSR       P  4  Bacterial regulatory protein arsR family signature
HTHCRP        P  2  Bacterial regulatory protein crp family HTH signature
HTHFIS           2  FIS bacterial regulatory protein HTH signature
DNABINDNGFIS     4     DNA-binding protein FIS signature
HTHGNTR       P  2  Bacterial regulatory protein gntR family HTH signature
HTHLACI       P  2  Bacterial regulatory protein lacI family HTH signature
HTHLACR       P  2  Bacterial regulatory protein lacR family HTH signature
HTHLUXR       P  3  Bacterial regulatory protein luxR family HTH signature
HTHLYSR       P  3  Bacterial regulatory protein lysR family HTH signature
HTHMARR       P  4  Bacterial regulatory protein marR family signature
HTHMERR       P  3  Bacterial regulatory protein merR family HTH signature
HTHTETR       P  2  Bacterial regulatory protein tetR family HTH signature
ROPREGULATRY     4  Regulatory protein Rop signature
HISTONEH2A    P  6  Histone H2A signature
HISTONEH2B    P  5  Histone H2B signature
HISTONEH3     P  7  Histone H3 signature
HISTONEH4     P  6  Histone H4 signature
HISTONEH5        7  Histone H5 signature
MCMFAMILY	 5  Mini-chromosome maintenance (MCM) protein family signature
MCMPROTEIN2	 5     Mini-chromosome maintenance (MCM) protein 2 signature
MCMPROTEIN3	 5     Mini-chromosome maintenance (MCM) protein 3 signature
MCMPROTEIN4	 5     Mini-chromosome maintenance (MCM) protein 4 signature
MCMPROTEIN5	 5     Mini-chromosome maintenance (MCM) protein 5 signature
MCMPROTEIN6	 5     Mini-chromosome maintenance (MCM) protein 6 signature
MCMPROTEIN7	 5     Mini-chromosome maintenance (MCM) protein 7 signature
HIGHMOBLTY12  P  5  High mobility group (HMG1/HMG2) protein signature
ATHOOK           3  AT-hook-like domain signature
HIGHMOBLTYIY  P  5     High mobility group protein (HMGY) signature
SSRCOGNITION     8  Structure-specific recognition protein signature
NONHISHMG17   P  4  Nonhistone chromosomal protein HMG17 family signature
MADSDOMAIN       3  MADS domain signature
MOVEMENT         6  Movement protein signature
RCCNDNSATION  P  8  Chromosome condensation regulator RCC1 signature
TETREPRESSOR     5  Tetracycline repressor protein signature
P53SUPPRESSR  P  6  P53 tumour suppressor signature
CCAATSUBUNTA  P  3  CCAAT-binding transcription factor subunit A signature
CCAATSUBUNTB  P  2  CCAAT-binding transcription factor subunit B signature
COPPERFIST    P  3  Copper fist domain signature
BBOXZNFINGER     2  B-box zinc finger signature
BUTYPHLNCDUF     6     Butyrophylin C-terminal DUF signature
ARATH130DUF      9  Arabidopsis thaliana 130.7kDa hypothetical protein signature
THEMAYE10DUF    10  Thermotoga maritima hypothetical protein TM1410 signature
YEAST73DUF      13  Saccharomyces cerevisiae 73.5kDa hypothetical protein signature
YEAST176DUF     13  Saccharomyces cerevisiae 175.8kDa hypothetical protein signature 
AIREGULATOR      8  Autoimmune regulator (AIRE) signature
DKSAZNFINGER  P  2  DKSA/TRAR zinc finger signature
GATAZNFINGER  P  2  Transcription factor GATA zinc finger signature
GENE66           8  Gene 66 (IR5) protein signature
ETHRSPELEMNT     3  Ethylene responsive element binding protein signature 
LEUZIPPRCREB  P  6  cAMP response element binding (CREB) protein signature
LEUZIPPRFOS   P  5  Fos transforming protein signature
LEUZIPPRJUN      5  Jun transcription factor signature
LEUZIPPRMYC   P  6  Myc proto-oncogene signature
ONCOGENEAML1    10  Acute myeloid leukemia 1 protein signature
SIGMA54FCT    P  4  Sigma-54 factor signature
SIGMA70FCT    P  5  Major sigma-70 factor signature
TECBTKDOMAIN     3  TEC/BTK domain signature
REVINTRACTNG     3  HIV REV interacting protein signature
STROIDFINGER  P  4  C4-type steroid receptor zinc finger signature
ZINCFINGER    P  2  C2H2-type zinc finger signature
C2HCZNFINGER     2  C2HC-type zinc-finger signature
WILMSTUMOUR      4  Wilm's tumour protein signature
COLDSHOCK     P  3  Cold shock protein signature
BROMODOMAIN   P  4  Bromodomain signature
CHROMODOMAIN  P  3  Chromodomain signature
DNAA          P  5  Bacterial chromosomal replication initiator (DNAA) signature
DNABINDINGHU     3  Prokaryotic integration host factor signature
SSDNABINDING     5  Single-strand DNA-binding protein signature
MEIOTICR114      9  Meiotic recombination protein rec114 signature
ETOFAMILY	 4  Eight-Twenty-One (ETO) family signature
MTG8PROTEIN	 6     Myeloid transforming gene on chromosome 8 (MTG8) protein signature
MTGR1PROTEIN	 4     Myeloid transforming gene related protein-1 (MTGR1) family signature
MTG16PROTEIN	 3     Myeloid transforming gene on chromosome 16 (MTG16) protein signature
NERVYPROTEIN	 7     Nervy protein signature
ETSDOMAIN     P  4  ETS domain signature
FIBRILLARIN   P  7  Fibrillarin signature
FORKHEAD      P  3  Fork head domain signature
FUNGALZNCYS   P  4  Fungal Zn-Cys binuclear cluster signature
LBHPROTEIN	 4  Limb-bud-and-heart protein signature
HUDSXLRNA     P  6  Paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis antigen family signature
AFLATOXINBRP     6  Aflatoxin biosynthesis regulatory protein signature
HIVTATDOMAIN     3  HIV TAT domain signature
HSFDOMAIN     P  3  Heat shock factor (HSF) domain signature
NFKBTNSCPFCT     5  Transcription factor NF-kB signature
AP2TNSCPFCT      3  Transcription factor AP-2 signature
AP2ATNSCPFCT     3     Transcription factor AP-2 alpha signature
AP2BTNSCPFCT     4     Transcription factor AP-2 beta signature
AP2CTNSCPFCT     4     Transcription factor AP-2 gamma signature
RIBOSOMALL5      6  Ribosomal protein L5 signature
RIBOSOMALL6   P  3  Ribosomal protein L6 signature
RIBOSOMALL16  P  4  Ribosomal protein L16 signature
RIBOSOMALL19  P  4  Ribosomal protein L19 signature
RIBOSOMALL20  P  3  Ribosomal protein L20 signature
RIBOSOMALL27  P  3  Ribosomal protein L27 signature
RIBOSOMALL31  P  3  Ribosomal protein L31 signature
RIBOSOMALL34  P  4  Ribosomal protein L34 signature
RIBOSOMALL35  P  3  Ribosomal protein L35 signature
L7ARS6FAMILY  P  4  Ribosomal protein L7A/RS6 family signature
RIBOSOMALL7A     7     Ribosomal protein L7A family signature
NUCLEARHMG       4     High mobility group-like nuclear protein signature
RIBOSOMALHS6     5     Ribosomal protein HS6 signature
RIBOSOMALP2      6  Ribosomal protein P2 signature
RIBOSOMALS1      9  Ribosomal protein S1 signature
RIBOSOMALS2   P  7  Ribosomal protein S2 signature
RIBOSOMALS10  P  3  Ribosomal protein S10 family signature
RIBOSOMALS12  P  6  Ribosomal protein s12 signature                             
RIBSOMALS12E  P  4  Ribosomal protein S12E family signature
RIBOSOMALS17  P  3  Ribosomal protein S17 family signature
RIBOSOMALS18  P  4  Ribosomal protein S18 family signature
RIBOSOMALS19  P  3  Ribosomal protein S19 family signature
RIBOSOMALS21  P  4  Ribosomal protein S21 family signature
RNABINDINGM8     4  RNA binding motif protein 8 family signature
RSOLVASERUVC     5  Crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease ruvc signature
CYSSERRICHNP	 3  Cysteine/serine-rich nuclear protein (CSRNP) family signature
SPLICEFRBRR1	 9  Pre-mRNA-splicing factor BRR1 signature
TBOX          P  6  T-box domain signature
BRACHYURY        5    Brachyury protein family signature
TEADOMAIN     P  3  Tea domain signature
TELOMERASERT     4  Telomere reverse transcriptase signature
TIFACTORIIB   P  8  Transcription initiation factor IIB signature   
TIFACTORIID   P  6  Transcription initiation factor IID signature   
TFIID30KDSUB     3  Transcription initiation factor TFIID 23-30kDa subunit signature
TRPRNAAP         4  Tryptophan RNA-binding attenuator protein signature
XRODRMPGMNTB    12  Xeroderma pigmentosum group B protein signature
XRODRMPGMNTD     9  Xeroderma pigmentosum group D protein signature
XPGRADSUPER   P  5  Xeroderma pigmentosum group G/yeast Rad superfamily signature
XRODRMPGMNTG    10     Xeroderma pigmentosum group G protein signature
RAD23PROTEIN     4  DNA repair protein Rad23 signature
DNAREPAIRADA	 7  DNA repair protein radA signature
U2AUXFACTOR      6  U2 auxiliary factor small subunit signature
GROUCHOFAMLY     5  Groucho/transducin-like enhancer protein signature
DNADAMAGECP1	 5  DNA damage checkpoint protein 1 signature
POLR2GRINL1	 7  DNA-directed RNA polymerase II subunit GRINL1 signature
PUTNUCHARBI1	 7  Putative nuclease HARBI1 signature
HEXIMFAMILY	 3  Protein HEXIM1/HEXIM2 family signature
HTLV1ZIPPER	 5  HTLV-1 basic zipper factor signature
INTSUBUNIT2	 7  Integrator complex subunit 2 signature
INTSUBUNIT10	 6  Integrator complex subunit 10 signature

      Oxidoreductases top

P450          P  5  P450 superfamily signature
BP450            9     B-class P450 signature
MITP450          9     Mitochondrial P450 signature 
MITP450CC24      5        CC24 mitochondrial P450 signature
EP450I           9     E-class P450 group I signature
EP450ICYP1A      5        CYP1A P450 family signature
EP450ICYP2A      4        CYP2A P450 family signature
EP450ICYP2B      4        CYP2B P450 family signature
EP450ICYP2D      5        CYP2D P450 family signature
EP450ICYP2E      4        CYP2E P450 family signature
EP450ICYP2F	 4	  CYP2F P450 family signature
EP450ICYP2J      4        CYP2J P450 family signature
EP450II          9     E-class P450 group II signature
EP450IICYP3A     6        CYP3A P450 family signature
EP450IICYP52     4        CYP52 P450 protein signature
EP450IV          9     E-class P450 group IV signature
CATALASE      P  7  Catalase signature
CUZNDISMTASE  P  4  Cu-Zn-superoxide dismutase signature
MNSODISMTASE     5  Manganese superoxide dismutase signature
NADHDHGNASE5     7  NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase chain 5 signature
NPOXDRDTASE5     8     NADH-plastoquinone oxidoreductase chain 5 signature
NADHDHGNASE2     5  NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase chain 2 signature
NUOXDRDTASE4     5  NADH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit 4 signature
GLFROXRDTASE     6  Bacterial glucose-fructose oxidoreductase signature
ADXRDTASE        5  Adrenodoxin reductase family signature
ALDKETRDTASE  P  5  Aldo-keto reductase signature
CYTB5RDTASE      6  Cytochrome B5 reductase signature
CUNO2RDTASE      6  Copper containing nitrite reductase signature
DHFR          P  4  Dihydrofolate reductase signature
EUMOPTERIN    P 13  Eukaryotic molybdopterin domain signature
FADPNR        P  5  FAD-dependent pyridine nucleotide reductase signature
PNDRDTASEI    P  9     Pyridine nucleotide disulphide reductase class-I signature
TRYPANRDTASE     5        Trypanothione reductase signature
PNDRDTASEII     10     Pyridine nucleotide disulphide reductase class-II signature
FPNCR            8  Flavoprotein pyridine nucleotide cytochrome reductase signature
GP91PHOX         6  Cytochrome B-245 heavy chain signature
HMGCOARDTASE  P  6  Hydroxymethylglutaryl-coenzyme A reductase signature
MALOXRDTASE   P  7  Malic enzyme signature
PHDIOXRDTASE     8  Phthalate dioxygenase reductase family signature
PHEHYDRXLASE     6  Phenol hydroxylase reductase family signature
RNGMNOXGNASE     6  Aromatic-ring hydroxylase (flavoprotein monooxygenase) signature
PAMONOXGNASE  P  9  Peptidyl-glycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase signature
DBMONOXGNASE     9  Dopamine-beta-monooxygenase signature
RIBORDTASEM1     6  Ribonucleotide reductase large chain signature 
COPRGNOXDASE  P  7  Coprogen oxidase signature
CYCOXIDASEI     13  Cytochrome c oxidase subunit I signature
CYCOXIDASEII     7  Cytochrome c oxidase subunit II signature
CYTCOXIDASE4	 4  Cytochrome c oxidase subunit IV signature
ANPEROXIDASE     3  Animal haem peroxidase signature
PEROXIDASE    P  5  Haem peroxidase superfamily signature
ASPEROXIDASE    11     Plant ascorbate peroxidase signature
BPEROXIDASE      5     Bacterial haem catalase-peroxidase signature
PLPEROXIDASE     9     Plant peroxidase signature
LIGNINASE       14     Fungal lignin peroxidase family signature
GLUTPROXDASE  P  3  Glutathione peroxidase family signature
LYSYLOXIDASE  P 10  Protein-lysine 6-oxidase precursor signature
AMINEOXDASEF     9  Flavin-containing amine oxidase signature
CUDAOXIDASE      7  Amiloride-sensitive amine oxidase signature
FACDDSATRASE  P  7  Fatty acid desaturase family 1 signature
6PGDHDRGNASE  P  6  6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase signature
GPDHDRGNASE   P  6  NAD-dependent glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase signature
FADG3PDH      P  6  FAD-dependent glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase family signature
G3PDHDRGNASE  P  5  Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase signature
G6PDHDRGNASE  P  5  Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase signature
SDRFAMILY     P  3  Short-chain dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR) superfamily signature
GDHRDH           6     Glucose/ribitol dehydrogenase family signature
DHBDHDRGNASE     6     2,3-dihydro-2,3-dihydroxybenzoate dehydrogenase signature
INSADHFAMILY     8     Insect alcohol dehydrogenase family signature
ALCDHDRGNASE     6        Alcohol dehydrogenase signature
CERATITISADH     9        Ceratitis capitata alcohol dehydrogenase signature
ADHRELATED       6        Alcohol dehydrogenase related protein signature
GLFDHDRGNASE  P  4  Glutamate/leucine/phenylalanine dehydrogenase signature
HOLDHDRGNASE  P  9  Histidinol dehydrogenase signature
MTLDHDRGNASE  P  4  Mannitol dehydrogenase signature
THFDHDRGNASE  P  7  Tetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase/cyclohydrolase family signature
LLDHDRGNASE   P  5  L-lactate dehydrogenase signature
FYWHYDRXLASE  P  6  Biopterin-dependent aromatic amino acid hydroxylase signature
LIPOXYGENASE  P  3  Lipoxygenase signature
MAMLPOXGNASE     7     Mammalian lipoxygenase signature
PLTLPOXGNASE     9     Plant lipoxygenase signature
HAEMOXYGNASE  P  7  Haem oxygenase signature
LUCIFERASE    P  5  Bacterial luciferase signature
RNGDIOXGNASE  P  6  Ring hydroxylating dioxygenase alpha-subunit signature
NITROGNASEII  P  4  Nitrogenase component II signature
TYROSINASE    P  4  Tyrosinase copper-binding domain signature
URICASE       P  5  Uricase signature

      Transferases top

ACCCTRFRASEA     6  Acetyl-CoA carboxylase carboxyl transferase alpha subunit signature
ACCCTRFRASEB     5  Acetyl-CoA carboxylase carboxyl transferase beta subunit signature
ACOABIOTINCC     3  Acetyl-CoA biotin carboxyl carrier protein signature
ACCSYNTHASE   P  8  1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate synthase signature
ANATRNSFRASE    10  Arylamine N-acetyltransferase signature
B14GALTRFASE	 4  Beta-1,4-galactosyltransferase family signature
SACTRNSFRASE     4  Streptothricin acetyltransferase signature
CELLSNTHASEB    11  Cellulose synthase subunit B signature
FASYNTHASE      12  Fatty acid synthase signature
GGTRANSPTASE     9  Gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase signature
GSTRNSFRASEA     4  Alpha-class glutathione S-transferase signature
GSTRNSFRASEM     4  Mu-class glutathione S-transferase signature
GSTRNSFRASEP     3  Pi class glutathione S-transferase signature
GSTRNSFRASEO     3  Omega-class glutathione S-transferase signature
SCRYSTALLIN      4  S-crystallin signature
HDASUPER         3  Histone deacetylase superfamily signature
ACUCPROTEIN      7     Acetoin utilisation ACUC protein signature
HISDACETLASE     7     Histone deacetylase signature
TRANSAMINASE     4  Aspartate aminotransferase signature
ADENYLTKNASE  P  5  Adenylate kinase signature
SHIKIMTKNASE  P  5  Shikimate kinase family signature
ANTSNTHASEI      4  Anthranilate synthase component I signature
GATASE        P  3  Glutamine amidotransferase superfamily signature
ANTSNTHASEII  P  6  Anthranilate synthase component II signature
CPSASE           7  Carbamoyl-phosphate synthase protein CPSase domain signature
CPSGATASE        5  Carbamoyl-phosphate synthase protein GATase domain signature
AOTCASE       P  4  Aspartate/ornithine carbamoyltransferase superfamily signature
ATCASE           6     Aspartate carbamoyltransferase signature
OTCASE           5     Ornithine carbamoyltransferase signature
ARGDEIMINASE     6  Bacterial arginine deiminase signature
ARGREPRESSOR     4  Bacterial arginine repressor signature
CARBMTKINASE     7  Bacterial carbamate kinase signature
STREPKINASE     12  Streptococcus streptokinase protein signature
RIBTRNSFRASE  P  7  Arginine ADP-ribosyltransferase signature
ACETATEKNASE  P  6  Acetate kinase family signature
CASNKINASEII  P  6  Casein kinase II regulatory subunit family signature
CAMPKINASE       5  cAMP-dependent protein kinase signature
CGMPKINASE       6  cGMP-dependent protein kinase signature
GPCRKINASE       5  GPCR kinase signature
YERSSTKINASE    11  Yersinia serine/threonine protein kinase signature
STKINASEGDT	 5  Probable serine/threonine-protein kinase GDT family signature
MEVGALKINASE  P  4  Mevalonate kinase signature
GALCTOKINASE  P  4     Galactokinase family signature
HOMSERKINASE  P  5  Homoserine kinase signature
LMBPPROTEIN      5  LMBP protein signature 
GLU5KINASE    P  5  Glutamate 5-kinase family signature
HEXOKINASE    P  7  Hexokinase family signature
HYETHTZKNASE     6  Hydroxyethylthiazole kinase family signature
NUCDPKINASE   P  5  Nucleoside diphosphate kinase signature
ADENOKINASE   P  5  Adenosine kinase signature
RIBOKINASE    P  5  Ribokinase signature
PHFRCTKINASE  P  9  ATP-dependent phosphofructokinase family signature
PHGLYCKINASE  P  9  Phosphogycerate kinase family signature
PHRIBLKINASE  P  4  Phosphoribulokinase family signature
PHOSPHBKNASE  P  7  Phosphorylase kinase family signature                       
PYRUVTKNASE   P  7  Pyruvate kinase family signature                            
URIDINKINASE     6  Uridine kinase signature
PI3KINASEP85    10  PI3 kinase P85 regulatory subunit signature
LANTIREGPROT    11  Lantibiotic regulatory protein signature 
ERK1ERK2MAPK     6  ERK1/2 MAP kinase signature
ERK3ERK4MAPK     9  ERK3/4 MAP kinase signature
JNKMAPKINASE     9  JNK MAP kinase signature
P38MAPKINASE     5     P38 MAP kinase signature
ISCHRISMTASE     6  Isochorismatase signature
ENTSNTHTASED     3  Enterobactin synthetase component D signature 
D12N6MTFRASE  P  4  D12 class N6 adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase signature
D21N6MTFRASE     4  D21 class N6 adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase signature
N12N6MTFRASE     4  N12 class N6 adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase signature
S21N4MTFRASE  P  4  S21 class N4 adenine-specific DNA methyltransferase signature
C5METTRFRASE  P  3  Cytosine-specific methyltransferase signature
CHERMTFRASE      6  Glutamate methyltransferase family signature                
RCMTFAMILY	 5  RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferase signature
RCMTFMUVIRPL	 4     Viridiplantae FMU-related RCMT signature
RCMT9		 3     RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferase subfamily 9 signature 
RCMTNCL1	 3     RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferase NCL1 subfamily signature
RCMTNOP2	 3     RNA (C5-cytosine) methyltransferase NOP2 subfamily signature
LVIRUSRNAPOL     8  Luteovirus (ORF3) RNA-directed RNA-polymerase signature
RNADNAPOLMS      9  RNA-dependent DNA-polymerase (msDNA) signature
DNAPOLI       P  9  DNA-polymerase family A (pol I) signature
DNAPOLG          9  DNA polymerase gamma (family A) signature
DNAPOLB       P  3  DNA-directed DNA-polymerase B signature
DNAPOLX       P  6  DNA-polymerase family X signature
DNAPOLXBETA      6     DNA-polymerase family X (pol beta-like) signature
DNAPOLXTDT      10     DNA nucleotidylexotransferase (TDT) signature
RAD1REC1         8  Repair protein Rad1/Rec1 family signature
RAD1REPAIR       5     Rad1 repair protein signature
RECEXONCLASE     9     Rec1 exonuclease signature
CERVTRCPTASE    10  C.elegans hypothetical protein (pol-like reverse transciptase) signature
PHOSPHOCPHPR  P  3  Phosphocarrier protein signature
PHPHTRNFRASE     4  Phosphoenolpyruvate-protein phosphotransferase signature 
TCSIALIDASE     10  Trypanosome sialidase signature
THYMDSNTHASE  P  5  Thymidylate synthase signature
TYRKINASE     P  5  Tyrosine kinase catalytic domain signature
JANUSKINASE      3     Janus kinase family signature
JANUSKINASE1     4        Janus kinase 1 (JAK1) signature
JANUSKINASE2     3        Janus kinase 2 (JAK2) signature
JANUSKINASE3     4        Janus kinase 3 (JAK3) signature
YKINASETYK2      3        Non-receptor tyrosine-protein kinase TYK2 signature

      Hydrolases top

ALPHAAMYLASE     5  Alpha-amylase signature
ABHYDROLASE      4  Alpha/beta hydrolase fold signature
APYRASEFAMLY     6  Apyrase family signature
EPOXHYDRLASE     6  Epoxide hydrolase signature
FFH4HYDRLASE     6  Formyltetrahydrofolate deformylase signature
PDEFORMYLASE     4  Peptide deformylase signature
HADHALOGNASE     7  Haloacid dehalogenase/epoxide hydrolase family signature
ALKEXNUCLASE     6  Alphaherpesvirus alkaline exonuclease signature
CHOLNESTRASE  P  6  Cholinesterase signature
ACHEFISH         4     Fish acetylcholinesterase signature
ACHEINSECT       9     Insect acetylcholinesterase signature
ACYLPHPHTASE  P  3  Acylphosphatase signature
ALKPHPHTASE   P  5  Alkaline phosphatase signature
BACPHPHTASE   P  5  Bacterial acid phosphatase class A signature
STPHPHTASE    P  7  Serine/threonine phosphatase family signature
IMPHPHTASES      6  Inositol monophosphatase superfamily signature
LIIMPHPHTASE	 5     Lithium-sensitive myo-inositol monophosphatase family signature
F16BPHPHTASE     6     Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase signature
S17BPHPHTASE	 6     Sedoheptulose-1,7-bisphosphatase family signature
SBIMPHPHTASE	 4     SuhB family inositol monophosphatase signature
MPIPHPHTASE      7  M-phase inducer phosphatase signature
PP2APR55      P 11  Protein phosphatase PP2A 55KD regulatory subunit signature
PRTYPHPHTASE  P  6  Protein tyrosine phosphatase signature
MAPKPHPHTASE     5     MAP kinase phosphatase signature
ADSPHPHTASE      4        Atypical dual specificity phosphatase family signature
ADSPHPHTASEA     4           Atypical dual specificity phosphatase subfamily A signature 
ADSPHPHTASEB     4           Atypical dual specificity phosphatase subfamily B signature
PFDSPHPHTASE     4        Plant and fungal dual specificity phosphatase signature
KIMPTPASE        8     KIM-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase signature
BACYPHPHTASE     5     Salmonella/Yersinia modular tyrosine phosphatase signature
LMWPTPASE        5  LMW phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase signature
MAMMALPTPASE     5     Mammalian LMW phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase signature
ARGINASE      P  5  Arginase signature
BARNASE          5  Barnase signature
BLACTAMASEA   P  7  Beta-lactamase class A signature
CATATPASE        6  P-type cation-transporting ATPase superfamily signature
HATPASE          5  H+-transporting ATPase (proton pump) signature
NAKATPASE     P  9  E1E2 sodium/potassium ATPase signature
VACATPASE        4  Vacuolar ATP synthase 16 KD subunit signature
ATPASEA       P  4  ATP synthase A subunit signature
ATPASEC       P  3  ATP synthase C subunit signature
ATPASEDELTA   P  5  ATP synthase delta subunit signature
ATPASEGAMMA   P  4  ATP synthase gamma subunit signature
CLPPROTEASEP  P  5  Clp protease catalytic subunit P signature
COLIPASE      P  4  Colipase signature
CUTINASE      P  5  Cutinase signature
DNASEI        P  8  DNAse I signature
GLHYDRLASE1   P  5  Glycosyl hydrolase family 1 signature
GLHYDRLASE2   P  5  Glycosyl hydrolase family 2 signature
GLHYDRLASE3   P  5  Glycosyl hydrolase family 3 signature
GLHYDRLASE4      7  Glycosyl hydrolase family 4 signature
GLHYDRLASE6   P  8  Glycosyl hydrolase family 6 signature
GLHYDRLASE7      9  Glycosyl hydrolase family 7 signature
GLHYDRLASE8   P  6  Glycosyl hydrolase family 8 signature
GLHYDRLASE10  P  4  Glycosyl hydrolase family 10 signature
GLHYDRLASE11  P  6  Glycosyl hydrolase family 11 signature
GLHYDRLASE15  P  7  Glycosyl hydrolase family 15 signature
GLHYDRLASE16  P  8  Glycosyl hydrolase family 16 signature
GLHYDRLASE20     8  Glycosyl hydrolase family 20 signature
GLHYDRLASE26     4  Glycosyl hydrolase family 26 signature
GLHYDRLASE27  P  7  Glycosyl hydrolase family 27 signature
GLHYDRLASE29  P  8  Glycosyl hydrolase family 29 signature
GLHYDRLASE30     6  Glycosyl hydrolase family 30 signature
GLHYDRLASE35  P  8  Glycosyl hydrolase family 35 signature
GLHYDRLASE36  P  9  Glycosyl hydrolase family 36 signature
GLHYDRLASE37  P  7  Glycosyl hydrolase family 37 signature
GLHYDRLASE39  P  7  Glycosyl hydrolase family 39 signature
GLHYDRLASE41     7  Glycosyl hydrolase family 41 signature
GLYHDRLASE47     8  Glycosyl hydrolase family 47 signature
GLHYDRLASE48     9  Glycosyl hydrolase family 48 signature
GLHYDRLASE52     7  Glycosyl hydrolase family 52 signature
GLHYDRLASE56     6  Glycosyl hydrolase family 56 signature
HYALURONDASE     8     Bee venom hyaluronidase signature
SPERMPH20        7     Sperm surface protein PH20 (hyaluronidase) signature
GLHYDRLASE58     8  Glycosyl hydrolase family 58 signature
GLHYDRLASE59     9  Glycosyl hydrolase family 59 signature
BETAAMYLASE   P  9  Beta-amylase signature
GLHYDLASE14A     5     Bacterial beta-amylase signature
GLHYDLASE14B     7     Plant beta-amylase signature
MELIBIASE        8  Melibiase signature
LYZLACT       P  6  Lysozyme/alpha-lactalbumin superfamily signature
LACTALBUMIN      5     Lactalbumin signature
LYSOZYME         6     Lysozyme signature
T4LYSOZYME       7  Phage T4 lysozyme signature
LYSOZYMEG        8  Lysozyme G signature
MAPEPTIDASE   P  4  Methionine aminopeptidase-1 signature
MATRIXIN      P  5  Matrixin signature
RIBONUCLEASE  P  4  Pancreatic ribonuclease family signature
CHYMOTRYPSIN  P  3  Chymotrypsin serine protease family (S1) signature
PROTHROMBIN      4     Prothrombin signature
ALYTICPTASE      5  Alpha-lytic endopeptidase serine protease (S2A) signature
TOGAVIRIN        6  Togavirin (S3) serine protease family signature
IGASERPTASE      9  IgA-specific serine endopeptidase (S6) signature
SUBTILISIN    P  3  Subtilisin serine protease family (S8) signature
PROLIGOPTASE  P  6  Prolyl oligopeptidase serine protease (S9A) signature
CRBOXYPTASEC  P  4  Carboxypeptidase C serine protease (S10) family signature
DADACBPTASE1     3  D-Ala-D-Ala carboxypeptidase 1 (S11) family signature
DADACBPTASE3     5  D-Ala-D-Ala carboxypeptidase 3 (S13) family signature
LACTOPTASE       7  Lactococcus X-Pro dipeptidyl-peptidase (S15) family signature 
ENDOLAPTASE   P  5  Endopeptidase La (Lon) serine protease (S16) signature
LEXASERPTASE     3  Repressor lexA serine protease (S24) family signature
LEADERPTASE   P  3  Bacterial leader peptidase 1 (S26) family signature
SIGNALPTASE   P  2  Eukaryotic signal peptidase (S27) family signature
CDVENDOPTASE     3  Cattle diarrhoea virus endopeptidase p80 (S31) signature
PROAMNOPTASE     3  Prolyl aminopeptidase (S33) family signature
CAPILLOPTASE     6  36kda capillovirus serine protease (s35) signature          
PROTEASES2C      6  htrA/degQ protease family signature
V8PROTEASE    P  6  V8 serine protease family signature
PAPAIN        P  3  Papain cysteine protease (C1) family signature
CALPAIN       P  5  Calpain cysteine protease (C2) family signature
NIAPOTYPTASE     8  Potyvirus nuclear inclusion A cysteine protease (C4) signature
ADVENDOPTASE     4  Adenovirus endopeptidase (C5) family signature
STREPTOPAIN      6  Streptopain (C10) cysteine protease family signature
UBCTHYDRLASE  P  5  Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase (C12) family signature
HEMOGLOBNASE     5  Hemoglobinase (C13) cysteine protease signature
PYROGLUPTASE     5  Pyroglutamyl peptidase I (C15) family signature
PREPILNPTASE     4  Type IV prepilin leader cysteine protease (C20) family signature
2CENDOPTASE      4  2C endopeptidase (C24) cysteine protease family signature
SRSVCYSPTASE     9  Small round structured virus (C37) cysteine protease family signature
PEPSIN        P  4  Pepsin (A1) aspartic protease family signature
BACEFAMILY       7     Beta-site APP cleaving enzyme (BACE) family signature
BACE1            7        Beta-site APP cleaving enzyme 1 (BACE1) signature
BACE2            6        Beta-site APP cleaving enzyme 2 (BACE2) signature
CAULIMOPTASE     4  Cauliflower mosaic virus peptidase (A3) signature
SCYTLDPTASE      5  Scytalidopepsin B aspartic protease (A4) signature
NODAVIRPTASE     7  Nodavirus endopeptidase (A6) aspartic protease signature
LIPOSIGPTASE  P  3  Lipoprotein signal peptidase (A8) family signature
SPUMVIRPTASE     7  Spumavirus aspartic protease (A9) signature
ALADIPTASE    P  5  Membrane alanyl dipeptidase (M1) family signature
PEPDIPTASEA      8  Peptidyl-dipeptidase a (M2) metalloprotease family signature
THERMOLYSIN   P  4  Thermolysin metalloprotease (M4) family signature
NEUTRALPTASE     5  Streptomyces extracellular neutral proteinase (M7) family signature
LSHMANOLYSIN     7  Leishmanolysin (M8) metalloprotease family signature
MICOLLPTASE      5  Microbial collagenase metalloprotease (M9) signature
FRAGILYSIN    P  7  Fragilysin metallopeptidase (m10c) enterotoxin signature    
NEPRILYSIN       4  Neprilysin metalloprotease (M13) family signature
CRBOXYPTASEA     4  Carboxypeptidase A metalloprotease (M14) family signature 
AMINO1PTASE      6  Aminopeptidase I zinc metalloprotease (M18) signature
OSIALOPTASE   P  6  O-sialoglycoprotein endopeptidase (M22) metallo-protease family signature
BLYTICPTASE      5  B-lytic metalloendopeptidase (M23) signature
XHISDIPTASE      9  X-His dipeptidase (M25) signature
THERMOPTASE      8  Thermophilic metalloprotease (M29) signature
CRBOXYPTASET  P  9  Carboxypeptidase taq (m32) metallopeptidase signature       
DEUTEROLYSIN     5  Deuterolysin metalloprotease (M35) family signature
FUNGALYSIN    P 10  Fungalysin metallopeptidase (M36) signature                 
SREBPS2PTASE  P  4  Sterol regulated element binding protein (M50) protease site 2 signature
ADAMTSFAMILY	 3  ADAM-TS family signature
ADAMTS1		 7     ADAM-TS1 protein signature
ADAMTS2		 6     ADAM-TS2 protein signature
ADAMTS5		 4     ADAM-TS5 protein signature
ADAMTS8		 7     ADAM-TS8 protein signature
ASNGLNASE     P  3  Asparaginase/glutaminase family signature
UREASE        P  4  Urea amidohydrolase (urease) protein signature
PDIESTERASE1  P  6  3'5'-cyclic nucleotide phophodiesterase signature
PDIESTERASE2  P  5  3'5'-cyclic nucleotide class II phophodiesterase signature
PPTHIESTRASE     7  Palmitoyl protein thioesterase signature
TAGLIPASE     P  9  Triacylglycerol lipase family signature
LIPOLIPASE       8     Lipoprotein lipase signature
PANCLIPASE       8     Pancreatic lipase signature
HEPLIPASE        9     Hepatic lipase signature
DOLALLERGEN      6     Vespid venom allergen phospholipase A1 signature
PHPHLIPASEA1     8  Bacterial phospholipase A1 protein signature
PHPHLIPASEA2  P  5  Phospholipase A2 signature
PHPHLIPASEC   P  6  Phospholipase C signature
PRPHPHLPASEC  P  5  Prokaryotic zinc-dependent phospholipase C signature
PHPHLIPASED      9  Phospholipase D signature
PARAOXONASE      3  Paraoxonase family signature
PARAOXONASE1     3     Paraoxonase 1 signature
PARAOXONASE2     3     Paraoxonase 2 signature
ASTACIN          5  Astacin family signature
LAMNOPPTDASE  P  5  Cytosol aminopeptidase signature
OMPTIN        P  9  Omptin serine protease signature
PROTEASOME    P  4  Proteasome component signature
RECA          P  6  RecA protein signature
DSEPROTEIN2	 4  Daughter-specific expression protein 2 signature

      Lyases top

ACONITASE     P  9  Aconitase family signature
YHDCRBOXLASE  P  9  Aromatic-L-amino-acid decarboxylase signature
ODADCRBXLASE     5  Ornithine/diaminopimelate/arginine (ODA) decarboxylase family signature
ORNDCRBXLASE     7     Ornithine decarboxylase signature
DAPDCRBXLASE     4     Diaminopimelate decarboxylase signature
ARGDCRBXLASE     9     Arginine decarboxylase signature
CITRTSNTHASE  P  6  Citrate synthase signature
DALDHYDRTASE  P  6  Delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase signature
NUCEPIMERASE     4  Nucleotide sugar epimerase signature
DHPICSNTHASE  P  4  Dihydropicolinate synthase signature
DNAPHOTLYASE  P  4  DNA photolyase signature
AMBALLERGEN      8  Pollen allergen amb family signature
ENOLASE       P  6  Enolase signature
FUMRATELYASE  P  4  Fumarate lyase superfamily signature
ARGSUCLYASE	 6     Argininosuccinate lyase family signature
LANCSUPER	 6  LanC-like protein superfamily signature
LANCEUKARYTE	 7     Eukaryotic LanC-like protein family signature
LANCFRANKIA	10     Frankia sp. LanC-like protein signature
NISCPROTEIN	12     Nisin biosynthesis protein NisC signature
SPACPROTEIN	 8     Subtilin biosynthesis protein SpaC signature
EPICPROTEIN	13     Epidermin biosynthesis protein EpiC signature
PEPCARBXLASE     7  Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase signature
PORPHBDMNASE  P  5  Porphobilinogen deaminase signature
RUBISCOSMALL     6  RuBisCO small subunit signature
CYANASE          5  Cyanase signature
ORGNOHGLYASE     5  Organomercurial lyase signature
HTDHYDRTASE2	 5  Hydroxyacyl-thioester dehydratase type 2 (mitochondrial) signature 

      Isomerases top

CSAPPISMRASE  P  5  Cyclophilin peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase signature
INFPOTNTIATR     4  Macrophage infectivity potentiator signature
PGMPMM        P  4  Phosphoglucomutase/phosphomannomutase family signature
MAN6PISMRASE  P  8  Phosphomannose isomerase type I signature
EUTPISMRASEI  P  6  Eukaryotic DNA topoisomerase I signature
PRTPISMRASEI  P  5  Prokaryotic DNA topoisomerase I signature
TPI2FAMILY    P  9  DNA topoisomerase II family signature
TOPISMRASEII    11     Topoisomerase II signature
TOPISMRASE4B    15     Topoisomerase IV subunit B signature
DNAGYRASEB      11     DNA gyrase subunit B signature
TOP6AFAMILY      6  DNA topoisomerase VI subunit A family signature
TPISMRASE6A      5     DNA topoisomerase VI subunit A (TOP6A) signature
SPO11HOMOLOG    10     SPO11 homologue signature 
XYLOSISMRASE  P  9  Xylose isomerase signature
G6PISOMERASE  P  6  Glucose-6-phosphate isomerase signature
6PFRUCTKNASE  P  6  6-phosphofructo-2-kinase family signature                   
ALARACEMASE   P  9  Alanine racemase signature                                  

      Ligases top

TRNASYNTHALA  P  5  Alanyl-tRNA synthetase signature
TRNASYNTHSER  P  5  Seryl-tRNA synthetase signature
TRNASYNTHLYS  P  5  Lysyl-tRNA synthetase signature
TRNASYNTHASP  P  4  Aspartyl-tRNA synthetase signature                          
TRNASYNTHGLY  P  7  Glycyl-tRNA synthetase signature                            
TRNASYNTHGA   P  6  Glycyl-tRNA synthetase alpha subunit signature              
TRNASYNTHGB   P  5  Glycyl-tRNA synthetase beta subunit signature               
TRNASYNTHPRO  P  4  Prolyl-tRNA synthetase signature                            
TRNASYNTHTHR  P  5  Threonyl-tRNA synthetase signature                          
TRNASYNTHCYS  P  4  Cysteinyl-tRNA synthetase signature
TRNASYNTHILE  P  5  Isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase signature
TRNASYNTHLEU  P  7  Leucyl-tRNA synthetase signature
TRNASYNTHVAL  P  5  Valyl-tRNA synthetase signature
TRNASYNTHGLU  P  5  Glutamyl-tRNA synthetase signature
TRNASYNTHARG  P  4  Arginyl-tRNA synthetase signature                           
TRNASYNTHMET  P  6  Methionyl-tRNA synthetase signature                         
TRNASYNTHTRP  P  4  Tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase signature                      
TRNASYNTHTYR  P  4  Tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase signature                           
SCOASYNTHASE     4  Succinyl-CoA synthase signature
UBIQUITINACT     5  Ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1 signature

      Others top

AMPBINDING    P  2  AMP-binding signature
FMOXYGENASE      7  Flavin-containing monooxygenase (FMO) signature
FMOXYGENASE1    10     Flavin-containing monooxygenase (FMO) 1 signature
FMOXYGENASE2     9     Flavin-containing monooxygenase (FMO) 2 signature
FMOXYGENASE3     7     Flavin-containing monooxygenase (FMO) 3 signature
FMOXYGENASE4    10     Flavin-containing monooxygenase (FMO) 4 signature
FMOXYGENASE5     9     Flavin-containing monooxygenase (FMO) 5 signature
IL1BCENZYME      7  Interleukin-1B converting enzyme signature
IPNSYNTHASE   P  9  Isopenicillin N synthase signature
AUTOINDCRSYN     7  Autoinducer synthesis protein signature 

      Electron transport proteins top

BCHLROPHYLLC     3  Bacteriochlorophyll C binding protein signature
COPPERBLUE    P  3  Type I copper blue protein signature
AMICYANIN        5     Amicyanin family signature
PLASTOCYANIN     3     Plastocyanin signature
RUSTICYANIN      6     Rusticyanin signature
CYTOCHROMEB5  P  4  Cytochrome B5 signature
CYTOCHROMEC1  P  8  Cytochrome C1 signature
CYTCHRMECIAB  P  6  Class IA and IB cytochrome C signature
CYTCHROMECIC  P  2  Class IC cytochrome C signature
CYTCHROMECID  P  5  Class ID cytochrome C signature
CYTCHROMECIE  P  4  Class IE cytochrome C signature
CYTCHROMECII  P  2  Class II cytochrome C signature
CYTOCHROMEC3  P  4  Class III cytochrome C signature
CYTOCHROMEF   P 13  Cytochrome F signature
2FE2SFRDOXIN  P  2  2Fe2S ferredoxin signature
3FE4SFRDOXIN     3  3Fe4S ferredoxin signature
4FE4SFRDOXIN  P  2  4Fe4S ferredoxin signature
7FE8SFRDOXIN     3  7Fe8S ferredoxin signature
ADRENODOXIN   P  3  Adrenodoxin signature
HIPIPFRDOXIN  P  2  High potential iron sulphur protein signature
SIROHAEM      P  2  Sirohaem Fe-binding site signature
FLAVODOXIN    P  4  Flavodoxin signature
GLUTAREDOXIN  P  3  Glutaredoxin signature
NIHGNASESMLL    11  Ni-Fe hydrogenase small subunit signature
NIHGNASECYTB  P  5  Nickel-dependent hydrogenase/B-type cytochrome signature
RIESKE        P  3  Rieske 2Fe-2S subunit signature
RUBREDOXIN    P  2  Rubredoxin signature
THIOREDOXIN   P  3  Thioredoxin family signature
TRNSPORTRHRG	 4  Haem transporter HRG signature

      Other transport proteins top

SERUMALBUMIN  P  7  Serum albumin family signature
AFETOPROTEIN     7    Alpha-fetoprotein signature
VITAMNDBNDNG     9    Vitamin D-binding protein signature
ABC2TRNSPORT  P  6  ABC-2 type transport system membrane protein signature
CYSFIBREGLTR    12     Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator signature  
SULFNYLUREAR     5     Sulphonylurea receptor family signature
SULFNYLUR1       5        Sulphonylurea receptor type 1 family signature
SULFNYLUR2       4        Sulphonylurea receptor type 2 family signature
ABCEFAMILY	 6  ABC transporter family E signature 
TAP1PROTEIN	12  ABC transporter family B2 signature
TAP2PROTEIN	 9  ABC transporter family B3 signature
YTRCYTRDABC	 5  YtrC/YtrD probable ABC transporter permease signature
AROAAPRMEASE  P  9  Aromatic amino acid permease signature
ARSENICPUMP      8  Arsenical pump membrane protein signature
CACHANNEL        7  Calcium channel signature
ECACCHANNEL      7     Epithelial calcium channel (ECAC) family signature
ECACCHANNEL1     5        Epithelial calcium channel 1 (ECAC1) family signature
ECACCHANNEL2     4        Epithelial calcium channel 2 (ECAC2) family signature
TRPVRECEPTOR    10     Vanilloid receptor (TRPV) family signature
VRL2RECEPTOR     6        Vanilloid receptor-like 2 protein (VRL-2) family signature
TVDCCALPHA1      5     T-type voltage-dependent calcium channel alpha-1 subunit signature
LVDCCALPHA1      6     L-type voltage-dependent calcium channel alpha-1 subunit signature
LVDCCALPHA1S     3        Voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel alpha-1S subunit signature
LVDCCALPHA1C    13        Voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel alpha-1C subunit signature
LVDCCALPHA1D     5        Voltage-dependent L-type calcium channel alpha-1D subunit signature
NVDCCALPHA1      7     N-type voltage-dependent calcium channel alpha-1 subunit signature
PQVDCCALPHA1     5     P/Q-type voltage-dependent calcium channel alpha-1 subunit signature
RVDCCALPHA1      6     R-type voltage-dependent calcium channel alpha-1 subunit signature
LCACHANNELB      9     L-type calcium channel beta subunit signature
LCACHANNELB1     4        L-type calcium channel beta-1 subunit signature
LCACHANNELB2     5        L-type calcium channel beta-2 subunit signature
LCACHANNELB3     4        L-type calcium channel beta-3 subunit signature
TRNSRECEPTRP     3     Transient receptor potential family signature
TRPCHANNEL1      4        Transient receptor potential channel 1 signature
TRPCHANNEL2      7        Transient receptor potential channel 2 signature
TRPCHANNEL3      5        Transient receptor potential channel 3 signature
TRPCHANNEL4      6        Transient receptor potential channel 4 signature
TRPCHANNEL5      6        Transient receptor potential channel 5 signature
TRPCHANNEL6      5        Transient receptor potential channel 6 signature
TRPCHANNEL7      5        Transient receptor potential channel 7 signature
CLCHANNEL        7  Chloride channel signature
CLCHANNEL0       5     CLC-0 chloride channel signature
CLCHANNEL1       7     CLC-1 chloride channel signature
CLCHANNEL2       5     CLC-2 chloride channel signature
CLCHANNEL3       5     CLC-3 chloride channel signature
CLCHANNEL4       5     CLC-4 chloride channel signature
CLCHANNEL5       3     CLC-5 chloride channel signature
CLCHANNEL6       5     CLC-6 chloride channel signature
CLCHANNEL7       5     CLC-7 chloride channel signature
CLCHANNELKDY     5     CLC-K chloride channel family signature
CLCHANNELPLT     5     Plant CLC chloride channel signature
INTCLCHANNEL     5  Intracellular chloride (Cl-) channel signature
ICLNCHANNEL      4  Nucleotide-sensitive chloride conductance regulator (ICln) signature
KCNECHANNEL      3  KCNE voltage-gated K+ channel family E signature
KCNE1CHANNEL     4     KCNE voltage-gated K+ channel subfamily E1 signature
KCNE2CHANNEL     4     KCNE voltage-gated K+ channel subfamily E2 signature
KCNE3CHANNEL     3     KCNE voltage-gated K+ channel subfamily E3 signature
KCNABCHANNEL     6  KCNAB voltage-gated K+ channel beta subunit family signature
KCNAB1CHANEL     4     KCNAB voltage-gated K+ channel beta-1 subunit signature
KCNAB2CHANEL     5     KCNAB voltage-gated K+ channel beta-2 subunit signature
KCNAB3CHANEL     4     KCNAB voltage-gated K+ channel beta-3 subunit signature
KCHANNEL         8  Potassium channel signature
BKCHANNELA       8     Calcium-activated BK potassium channel alpha subunit signature
BKCHANNELB       4     Calcium-activated BK potassium channel beta subunit signature
SKCHANNEL        2     Calcium-activated SK potassium channel signature
EAGCHANLFMLY    10     EAG/ELK/ERG potassium channel family signature
EAGCHANNEL      12        EAG potassium channel signature
ELKCHANNEL       6        ELK potassium channel family signature
ERGCHANNEL       5        ERG potassium channel family signature
KCNQCHANNEL      3     KCNQ voltage-gated potassium channel family signature
KCNQ1CHANNEL     9        KCNQ1 voltage-gated potassium channel signature
KCNQ2CHANNEL     4        KCNQ2 voltage-gated potassium channel signature
KCNQ3CHANNEL     9        KCNQ3 voltage-gated potassium channel signature
KVCHANNEL        4     Voltage-gated potassium channel family signature
SHAKERCHANEL     5        Shaker voltage-gated K+ channel family signature
KV11CHANNEL      5           Kv1.1 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV12CHANNEL      5           Kv1.2 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV13CHANNEL      5           Kv1.3 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV14CHANNEL      7           Kv1.4 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV15CHANNEL      8           Kv1.5 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV16CHANNEL     10           Kv1.6 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
SHABCHANNEL      6        Shab voltage-gated K+ channel family signature
KV21CHANNEL      7           Kv2.1 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV22CHANNEL      7           Kv2.2 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
SHAWCHANNEL      5        Shaw voltage-gated K+ channel family signature
KV31CHANNEL      4           Kv3.1 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV33CHANNEL      6           Kv3.3 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV34CHANNEL      5           Kv3.4 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
SHALCHANNEL      9        Shal voltage-gated K+ channel family signature
KV41CHANNEL      8           Kv4.1 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV42CHANNEL      5           Kv4.2 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV43CHANNEL      7           Kv4.3 voltage-gated K+ channel signature
KV6CHANNEL       5        Kv6 potassium channel alpha subunit signature
KV8CHANNEL       9        Kv8 potassium channel alpha subunit signature
KV9CHANNEL       7        Kv9 potassium channel alpha subunit signature
2POREKCHANEL     2     Two pore domain K+ channel signature
TASKCHANNEL      3        TASK K+ channel signature
TASK1CHANNEL     4           TASK-1 K+ channel signature
TASK3CHANNEL     4           TASK-3 K+ channel signature
TASK5CHANNEL     4           TASK-5 K+ channel signature
TWIKCHANNEL      6        TWIK-1/TWIK-2 K+ channel family signature
TWIK1CHANNEL     7           TWIK-1 K+ channel subunit signature
TWIK2CHANNEL     5           TWIK-2 K+ channel signature
TREKCHANNEL     12        TREK K+ channel signature
THIKCHANNEL      7        THIK K+ channel signature
TRAAKCHANNEL     6        TRAAK K+ channel signature
KIRCHANNEL       5     Inward rectifier K+ channel superfamily signature
KIR11CHANNEL     7        Kir1.1 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR12CHANNEL     9        Kir1.2 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR13CHANNEL     8        Kir1.3 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR21CHANNEL     6        Kir2.1 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR22CHANNEL    12        Kir2.2 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR23CHANNEL     8        Kir2.3 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR31CHANNEL    12        Kir3.1 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR32CHANNEL     6        Kir3.2 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR33CHANNEL     5        Kir3.3 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR34CHANNEL     6        Kir3.4 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR5CHANNEL      6        Kir5 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR61CHANNEL     9        Kir6.1 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR62CHANNEL     7        Kir6.2 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
KIR7CHANNEL      4        Kir7 inward rectifier K+ channel signature
NACHANNEL        2  Sodium channel signature
NACHANNEL1       4     Voltage-gated Na+ channel alpha 1 subunit signature
NACHANNEL4       4     Voltage-gated Na+ channel alpha 4 subunit signature
NACHANNEL5       7     Voltage-gated Na+ channel alpha 5 subunit signature
NACHANNEL8       3     Voltage-gated Na+ channel alpha 8 subunit signature
MECHCHANNEL      3  Bacterial mechano-sensitive ion channel signature
AMINACHANNEL  P 13  Amiloride-sensitive sodium channel alpha-subunit signature
SUGRTRNSPORT  P  5  Sugar transporter family signature
GLUCTRNSPORT     6     Glucose transporter signature
GLUCTRSPORT1     3        Glucose transporter type 1 (GLUT1) signature
GLUCTRSPORT2     3        Glucose transporter type 2 (GLUT2) signature
GLUCTRSPORT3     3        Glucose transporter type 3 (GLUT3) signature
GLUCTRSPORT4     4        Glucose transporter type 4 (GLUT4) signature
GLUCTRSPORT5     3        Fructose transporter (GLUT5) signature
EXPORTERBACE	10  Putative bacilysin exporter bacE signature
EDTRNSPORT    P  9  Glutamate-aspartate transporter signature
LACYSMPORT    P  8  LacY proton/sugar symporter signature
NAALASMPORT   P  6  Sodium/alanine symporter signature
NANEUSMPORT   P  8  Sodium/neurotransmitter symporter signature
GAT1TRNSPORT     4     GAT-1 GABA neurotransmitter transporter signature
GAT2TRNSPORT     4     GAT-2 GABA neurotransmitter transporter signature
GAT3TRNSPORT     3     GAT-3 GABA neurotransmitter transporter signature
BETTRANSPORT     3     Betaine transporter signature
CRTTRANSPORT     3     Creatine transporter signature
TAUTRANSPORT     4     Taurine transporter signature
NORTRANSPORT     3     Noradrenaline neurotransmitter transporter signature
DOPTRANSPORT     4     Dopamine neurotransmitter transporter signature
5HTTRANSPORT     4     Serotonin (5-HT) neurotransmitter transporter signature
GLY1TRNSPORT     4     Glycine neurotransmitter transporter type 1 (GLYT-1) signature
INEBRIATED       4     Inebriated neurotransmitter transporter signature
ORPHTRNSPORT     3     Orphan neurotransmitter transporter signature
HCO3TRNSPORT     8  HCO3- transporter superfamily signature
NAHCO3TRSPRT     7     Na+/HCO3- co-transporter signature
ANIONEXCHNGR  P 13     Anion exchanger family signature
ANIONEXHNGR1     4        Anion exchanger isoform 1 signature
ANIONEXHNGR2     4        Anion exchanger isoform 2 signature
ANIONEXHNGR3     4        Anion exchanger isoform 3 signature
NACAEXCHNGR      4  Na+/Ca2+ exchanger signature
NACAEXCHNGR1     4     Na+/Ca2+ exchanger isoform 1 signature
NAHEXCHNGR       4  Na+/H+ exchanger signature
NAHEXCHNGR1     12     Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 1 (NHE1) signature
NAHEXCHNGR2      9     Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 2 (NHE2) signature
NAHEXCHNGR3     16     Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 3 (NHE3) signature
NAHEXCHNGR6     15     Na+/H+ exchanger isoform 6 (NHE6) signature
NACLTRNSPORT     4  Thiazide-sensitive Na-Cl co-transporter signature
NAKCLTRNSPRT     3  Na-K-Cl co-transporter family signature
NAKCLTRSPRT1     4     Na-K-Cl co-transporter 1 signature
NAKCLTRSPRT2     6     Na-K-Cl co-transporter 2 signature
KCLTRNSPORT      6  K-Cl co-transporter signature
KCLTRNSPORT1     4     K-Cl co-transporter type 1 (KCC1) signature
DERENTRNSPRT     9  Delayed-early response protein/equilibrative nucleoside transporter signature
ACOABINDINGP  P  4  Acyl-Coa-binding protein signature
NMDARECEPTOR     5  NMDA receptor signature
FATTYACIDBP   P  3  Fatty acid-binding protein signature
LIPOCALIN     P  3  Lipocalin signature
A1AGLPROTEIN     5     Alpha-1-acid glycoprotein signature
A1MCGLOBULIN     6     Alpha-1-microglobulin signature
APOLIPOPROTD     4     Apolipoprotein D signature
APODVERTBRTE	 6        Vertebrate apolipoprotein D signature
AVIDIN        P  6     Avidin signature
BCTLIPOCALIN     7     Retinol binding protein signature
BLCTOGLOBULN     6     Beta-lactoglobulin signature
HISBINDING       6     Tick histamine binding protein signature
INVTBRTCOLOR     6     Invertebrate colouration protein signature
MAJORURINARY     7     Rodent urinary protein signature
MPTASEINHBTR     4     Metalloprotease inhibitor signature
NGELATINASE      7     Neutrophil gelatinase lipocalin signature
NITROPHORIN      6     Nitrophorin signature
ODORANTBNDNG     5     Odour binding protein signature 
PGNDSYNTHASE     6     Prostaglandin D synthase signature
RETINOLBNDNG     7     Retinol binding protein signature
VNEBNERGLAND     6     Von Ebner's gland protein signature
CRETINALDHBP     5  Cellular retinaldehyde-binding protein signature
PBPGOBP          6  Pheromone/general odorant-binding protein signature
MALPROTEIN	 4  Myelin and lymphocyte protein family
MINTRINSICP   P  6  Major intrinsic protein family signature
AQUAPORIN1	 6     Aquaporin-1 signature
AQUAPORIN2	 6     Aquaporin-2 signature
AQUAPORIN3	 8     Aquaporin-3 signature
AQUAPORIN4	 6     Aquaporin-4 signature
AQUAPORIN5	 4     Aquaporin-5 signature
AQUAPORIN6	10     Aquaporin-6 signature
AQUAPORIN7	 9     Aquaporin-7 signature
AQUAPORIN8	10     Aquaporin-8 signature
AQUAPORIN9	 5     Aquaporin-9 signature
AQUAPORIN10I	 5     Invertebrate aquaporin-10 signature
AQUAPORIN10M	 5     Mammalian aquaporin-10 signature
AQUAPORIN11	13     Aquaporin-11 signature
AQUAPORIN12	12     Aquaporin-12 signature
MEALWORMBTLB     4  Mealworm beetle B protein signature
MTCRUSTACEAN     3  Crustacean metallothionein signature
MTDIPTERA        3  Diptera (Drosophila) metallothionein signature
MTECHINOIDEA     4  Echinoidea (sea urchin) metallothionein signature
MTFUNGIIV        3  Fungi-IV metallothionein signature
MTMOLLUSC        4  Mollusc metallothionein signature
MTNEMATODE       4  Nematode metallothionein signature
MTPLANTPEC       5  Plant (pec) family metallothionein signature
MTPROKARYOTE     3  Prokaryote metallothionein signature
MTVERTEBRATE     3  Vertebrate metallothionein signature
MTUNCOUPLING  P  6  Mitochondrial brown fat uncoupling protein signature
MITOCARRIER   P  6  Mitochondrial carrier protein signature
ADPTRNSLCASE     5     Adenine nucleotide translocator 1 signature
GRAVESDC         6     Graves disease carrier protein signature
LIPIDTRNSFER  P  5  Plant phospholipid transfer protein signature
PITRANSFER       5  Phosphatidylinositol transfer protein signature
MALTOSEBP        8  Maltose binding protein signature
ECOLNEIPORIN     5  E.coli/Neisseria porin superfamily signature
ECOLIPORIN    P  6     E.coli/Salmonella-type porin signature
NEISSPPORIN      7     Neisseria sp. porin signature
EUKARYTPORIN  P  4  Eukaryotic porin signature
OMPADOMAIN    P  3  OmpA domain signature                                       
OUTRMMBRANEA  P  7     Outer membrane protein A signature                          
OMS28PORIN      11  Oms28 porin signature                                       
MGATPASE         9  Magnesium-transporting ATPase signature
CATPATPASEA   P  4  Cation-transporting P-type atpase A signature
CDATPASE      P  9  Cadmium-transporting ATPase signature
CUATPASEI     P  9  Copper-transporting ATPase 1 signature
CUATPASE      P 11  Copper-transporting ATPase signature
CUEXPORT      P  5  Copper ion binding protein signature
HGRDTASE      P  8  Mercuric reductase class II signature
HGSCAVENGER   P  6  Mercury scavenger protein signature
2FE2SRDCTASE     8  Ferric iron reductase signature
FERRIBNDNGPP     6  Ferrichrome-binding periplasmic protein signature
HEMERYTHRIN   P  4  Hemerythrin signature
HAEMOCYANIN   P  5  Arthropod haemocyanin superfamily signature
ERYTHCRUORIN  P  4  Erythrocruorin family signature
WORMGLOBIN	 5     Worm globin signature
ALPHAHAEM     P  5  Alpha haemoglobin signature
PIHAEM           4     Pi haemoglobin signature
ZETAHAEM         4     Zeta haemoglobin signature
BETAHAEM         5  Beta haemoglobin signature
FISHGLOBIN 	 7  Lamprey and hagfish globin signature
PLANTGLOBIN   P  4  Plant globin signature
MYOGLOBIN     P  6  Myoglobin signature
UTEROGLOBIN   P  6  Uteroglobin signature
PARVALBUMIN      4  Parvalbumin signature
FELALLERGEN      4  Major allergen Fel dI signature
BACFERRITIN   P  7  Bacterioferritin signature
HELNAPAPROT      3  Helicobacter neutrophil-activating protein A family signature
TCRTETA         12  Tetracycline resistance protein signature                   
TCRTETB         12  Tetracycline resistance protein TetB signature              
TRANSFERRIN   P 10  Transferrin signature
TRNSTHYRETIN  P  4  Transthyretin signature
WOLFFAMILY	14  Wolframin family signature
WOLFRAMIN	 9     Wolframin signature

      Structural proteins top

ACTIN         P  7  Actin signature
FACTINCAPA    P  3  F-actin capping protein alpha subunit signature
FACTINCAPB    P  5  F-actin capping protein beta subunit signature
SYNAPSIN         6  Synapsin signature
ADHESIVEI        5  Adhesive plaque protein signature
PRICHEXTENSN     8  Proline rich extensin signature
PSTLEXTENSIN     8  Pistil-specific extensin-like signature
EXPANSNFAMLY     6  Expansin/Lol pI family signature
EXPANSIN         9     Expansin signature
LOLP1ALLERGN     8     Major pollen allergen Lol pI signature
LOLP2ALLERGN     4  Pollen allergen Lol p2 signature
ALPHACATENIN    10  Alphacatenin signature
VINCULIN      P  7  Vinculin signature
GELSOLIN         8  Gelsolin family signature
PAXILLIN      P  9  Paxillin signature
BAND41        P  4  Band 4.1 protein family signature
ERMFAMILY        8     ERM family signature
CD44             8  CD44 antigen precursor signature
SPECTRINPH       4  Spectrin pleckstrin homology domain signature
NEBULIN          6  Nebulin signature
CALDESMON        7  Caldesmon signature
TYPE1KERATIN  P  5  Type I keratin signature
TYPE2KERATIN     6  Type II keratin signature
MYOSINHEAVY      5  Myosin heavy chain signature
TROPOMYOSIN      5  Tropomyosin signature
TROPOELASTIN     4  Tropoelastin signature
KINESINHEAVY  P  4  Kinesin heavy chain signature
KINESINLIGHT     6  Kinesin light chain signature
PROFILIN      P  6  Profilin signature
PROFILINMAML     6     Mammal profilin signature
PROFILINPLNT     7     Plant profilin signature
ARCARG31	 7  Activity-regulated cytoskeleton-associated protein signature
SEPTIN2          3  Septin 2 signature
SEPTIN3          3  Septin 3 signature
SEPTIN7          4  Septin 7 signature
CELLDVISFTSZ  P  4  Cell division protein ftsZ signature
TUBULIN          9  Tubulin signature
ALPHATUBULIN    13     Alpha-tubulin signature
BETATUBULIN     13     Beta-tubulin signature
GAMMATUBULIN     8     Gamma-tubulin signature
DELTATUBULIN    12     Delta-tubulin signature
EPSLNTUBULIN    10     Epsilon-tubulin signature
ZETATUBULIN     15     Zeta-tubulin signature
SHAPEPROTEIN     5  Bacterial cell shape determinant MreB/Mbl protein signature
BGCRYSTALLIN     4  Beta- and gamma-crystallin family signature
DYNAMIN       P  6  Dynamin signature
TAUPROTEIN       6  Tau protein signature
TEKTIN           4  Tektin signature
ANNEXIN       P  7  Annexin family signature
ANNEXINI         5     Annexin type I signature
ANNEXINII        6     Annexin type II signature
ANNEXINIII       5     Annexin type III signature
ANNEXINIV        4     Annexin type IV signature
ANNEXINV         4     Annexin type V signature
ANNEXINVI        5     Annexin type VI signature
ANNEXINVII	 7     Annexin type VII signature
ANNEXINVIII      4     Annexin type VIII signature
ANNEXINX         3     Annexin type A10 signature
ANNEXINXI        5     Annexin type XI signature
ANNEXINXIII      3     Annexin type XIII signature
ANNEXINXXXI      4     Annexin type XXXI signature
ANNEXINFUNGI     5     Fungal annexin type XIV signature
ANNEXINPLANT     3     Plant annexin signature
ALPHAGIARDIN     9     Alpha giardin signature
AMYLOIDA4     P  4  Amyloid A4 protein precursor signature
BETAAMYLOID      3     Beta-amyloid peptide (beta-APP) signature
PENTAXIN      P  7  Pentaxin signature
CADHERIN      P  7  Cadherin signature
DESMOCADHERN     4  Desmosomal cadherin signature
DESMOGLEIN       4     Desmoglein signature
DESMOCOLLIN      4     Desmocollin signature
CONNEXIN      P  6  Connexin signature
CONNEXIN36       3     Connexin36 (Cx36) signature
CONNEXINA1       5     Gap junction alpha-1 protein (Cx43) signature
CONNEXINA3       3     Gap junction alpha-3 protein (Cx46) signature
CONNEXINA4       4     Gap junction alpha-4 protein (Cx37) signature
CONNEXINA5       4     Gap junction alpha-5 protein (Cx40) signature
CONNEXINA6       4     Gap junction alpha-6 protein (Cx45) signature
CONNEXINA8       6     Gap junction alpha-8 protein (Cx50) signature
CONNEXINB1       4     Gap junction beta-1 protein (Cx32) signature
CONNEXINB2       4     Gap junction beta-2 protein (Cx26) signature
CONNEXINB3       4     Gap junction beta-3 protein (Cx31) signature
CONNEXINB4       5     Gap junction beta-4 protein (Cx31.1) signature
CONNEXINB5       5     Gap junction beta-5 protein (Cx30.3) signature
INNEXIN          6  Innexin signature
CLAUDIN          3  Claudin signature
CLAUDIN1         4     Claudin-1 signature
CLAUDIN2         4     Claudin-2 signature
CLAUDIN3         4     Claudin-3 signature
CLAUDIN4         3     Claudin-4 signature
CLAUDIN5         4     Claudin-5 signature
CLAUDIN6         4     Claudin-6 signature
CLAUDIN7         3     Claudin-7 signature
CLAUDIN8         4     Claudin-8 signature
CLAUDIN9         4     Claudin-9 signature
CLAUDIN10        4     Claudin-10 signature
CLAUDIN11        4     Claudin-11 signature
CLAUDIN12	 4     Claudin-12 signature
CLAUDIN14        5     Claudin-14 signature
CLAUDIN15        3     Claudin-15 signature
CLAUDIN16        4     Claudin-16 signature
CLAUDIN18        5     Claudin-18 signature
VDCCGAMMA        3  Voltage-dependent calcium channel gamma subunit signature
VDCCGAMMA1       3     Voltage-dependent calcium channel gamma-1 subunit signature
VDCCGAMMA2       3     Voltage-dependent calcium channel gamma-2 subunit signature
VDCCGAMMA4       5     Voltage-dependent calcium channel gamma-4 subunit signature
VDCCGAMMA5       3     Voltage-dependent calcium channel gamma-5 subunit signature
VDCCGAMMA6       5     Voltage-dependent calcium channel gamma-6 subunit signature
VDCCGAMMA7       4     Voltage-dependent calcium channel gamma-7 subunit signature
VDCCGAMMA8       3     Voltage-dependent calcium channel gamma-8 subunit signature
OCCLUDIN         5  Occludin signature
ZONOCCLUDNS      4  Zona occludens protein family signature
ZONOCCLUDNS1     4     Zona occludens protein ZO-1 signature
ZONOCCLUDNS2     5     Zona occludens protein ZO-2 signature
ZONOCCLUDNS3     5     Zona occludens protein ZO-3 signature
EPMEMFAMILY      4  Epithelial membrane protein (EMP/PMP22/LMIP) family signature
EPMEMPROT1       3     Epithelial membrane protein EMP-1 signature
EPMEMPROT2       4     Epithelial membrane protein EMP-2 signature
EPMEMPROT3       4     Epithelial membrane protein EMP-3 signature
LENSMEMPROT      5     Lens fibre membrane intrinsic protein (LMIP) signature
PMYELIN22        4     Peripheral myelin protein PMP22 signature
FILAGGRIN        9  Filaggrin signature
FLAGELLIN        3  Flagellin signature
FLGHOOKAP1    P 11  Flagellar hook-associated protein signature                 
FLGHOOKFLIE      3  Flagellar hook-basal body complex protein FliE signature    
FLGLRINGFLGH     5  Flagellar L-ring protein signature                          
FLGMRINGFLIF     5  Flagellar M-ring protein signature                          
FLGPRINGFLGI     9  Flagellar P-ring protein signature                          
GLIADGLUTEN      3  Gliadin and LMW glutenin superfamily signature
GLIADIN          9     Alpha/beta gliadin family signature
GLUTENIN         5  HMW glutenin signature
GLUTELIN         4  Glutelin signature
2SGLOBULIN       9  2-S globulin family signature
11SGLOBULIN   P  6  11-S seed storage protein family signature
CUTICLE       P  3  Insect cuticle protein signature
MYELINMBP     P  3  Myelin basic protein signature
MYELINP0      P  6  Myelin p0 protein signature
MYELINPLP     P  7  Myelin proteolipid protein (PLP) signature
NEUROMODULIN  P  3  Neuromodulin signature
OSTEOPONTIN   P  8  Osteopontin signature
POSTSYNAPTIC  P  4  43Kd postsynaptic protein signature
PERIPHERNRDS  P  6  Peripherin (RDS)/ROM-1 family signature
SPECTRNALPHA	 3  Spectrin alpha chain signature
SYNAPTOBREVN  P  3  Synaptobrevin signature
SYNAPTOPHYSN  P  5  Synaptophysin/synaptoporin family signature
SYNAPTOTAGMN     4  Synaptotagmin signature
CAULIMOCOAT      8  Caulimovirus coat protein signature
CUCUMOCOAT       5  Cucumovirus coat protein signature
FMDVP1COAT       9  Foot-and-mouth disease virus VP1 coat protein signature
GEMCOATARBR1     3  Geminivirus AR1/BR1 coat protein signature
GEMCOATAR1       8     Geminivirus AR1 coat protein signature
GEMCOATBR1       7     Geminivirus BR1 coat protein signature
GEMCOATMSV       5     Geminivirus MSV 27Kd coat protein signature
GEMCOATAL1       4  Geminivirus AL1 coat protein signature
GEMCOATCLVL1     8     Geminivirus CLV AL1 coat protein signature
GEMCOATMSVL1     4     Geminivirus MSV AL1 coat protein signature
GEMCOATAL2       4  Geminivirus AL2 coat protein signature
GEMCOATAL3       5  Geminivirus AL3 coat protein signature
LUTEOGP1COAT     8  Luteovirus group 1 coat protein signature
POTXCARLCOAT  P  4  Potex and carlavirus coat protein signature
ICOSAHEDRAL   P  3  Icosahedral viral capsid protein signature
HSVCAPSIDMCP     9  Herpesvirus major capsid protein (MCP) signature
HSVCAPSIDP40     8  Herpesvirus capsid protein P40 signature
HPVCAPSIDL1     11  Papillomavirus major capsid protein L1 signature
VP6CAPSID       11  VP6 blue-tongue virus inner capsid protein signature
VP7CAPSID        9  VP7 core protein signature
HIV1MATRIX       5  HIV-1 matrix protein signature
SFASSEMBLIN      9  SF-assemblin signature
SPIKEPROTEIN     9  Viral spike glycoprotein precursor signature
MTP1FAMILY	 5  Phage major tail protein 1 family signature
MTP2FAMILY	 5  Phage major tail protein 2 family signature
MTP2STAPHYLO	 7     Staphylococcal phage major tail protein signature
MTP2LACTO	 6     Lactococcal phage major tail protein signature
CHLAMIDIAOMP     6  Chlamydia major outer membrane protein signature
CHLAMIDIAOM3     3  Chlamydia cysteine-rich outer membrane protein 3 signature
CHLAMIDIAOM6     8  Chlamydia cysteine-rich outer membrane protein 6 signature
FIBSHEATHIP1	 4  Fibrous sheath-interacting protein 1 signature

      Receptors top

ACTIVIN2R        6  Activin type II receptor signature
AUXINBINDNGP     7  Auxin binding protein signature
BASIGIN          6  Basigin signature
BCATNINFAMLY	 9  Beta-catenin family signature
CHANNELTSX       8  Nucleoside-specific channel-forming protein Tsx signature
ERLUMENR      P  7  ER lumen protein retaining receptor signature
INTEGRINA        8  Integrin alpha subunit signature
INTEGRINB       14  Integrin beta subunit signature
NCAMFAMILY       4  Neural cell adhesion molecule signature
ICAMVCAM1        4  Intercellular adhesion molecule/vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 signature
ICAM             3     Intercellular adhesion molecule (ICAM) family signature
VCAM1            6     Vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 (VCAM-1) family signature
BRIDEOF7LESS     7  Bride of sevenless protein signature
GPCRRHODOPSN  P  7  Rhodopsin-like GPCR superfamily signature
5HTRECEPTOR      4     5-hydroxytryptamine receptor signature
5HT1ARECEPTR     7        5-Hydroxytryptamine 1A receptor signature
5HT1BRECEPTR     5        5-Hydroxytryptamine 1B receptor signature
5HT1DRECEPTR     5        5-Hydroxytryptamine 1D receptor signature
5HT1FRECEPTR     7        5-Hydroxytryptamine 1F receptor signature
5HT2ARECEPTR     7        5-Hydroxytryptamine 2A receptor signature
5HT2BRECEPTR     8        5-Hydroxytryptamine 2B receptor signature
5HT2CRECEPTR     8        5-Hydroxytryptamine 2C receptor signature
5HT4RECEPTR     11        5-hydroxytryptamine 4 receptor signature
5HT5ARECEPTR     5        5-Hydroxytryptamine 5A receptor signature
5HT5BRECEPTR     6        5-Hydroxytryptamine 5B receptor signature
5HT6RECEPTR     13        5-hydroxytryptamine 6 receptor signature
5HT7RECEPTR      8        5-Hydroxytryptamine 7 receptor signature
ADENOSINER       6     Adenosine receptor signature
ADENOSINEA1R     5        Adenosine A1 receptor signature
ADENOSINA2AR     8        Adenosine A2A receptor signature
ADENOSINA2BR     7        Adenosine A2B receptor signature
ADENOSINEA3R     6        Adenosine A3 receptor signature
ADRENERGICR      4     Adrenergic receptor signature
ADRENRGCA1AR     7        Alpha-1A adrenergic receptor signature
ADRENRGCA1BR     7        Alpha-1B adrenergic receptor signature
ADRENRGCA1DR     6        Alpha-1D adrenergic receptor signature
ADRENRGCA2AR     7        Alpha-2A adrenergic receptor signature
ADRENRGCA2BR     6        Alpha-2B adrenergic receptor signature
ADRENRGCA2CR     6        Alpha-2C adrenergic receptor signature
ADRENRGCB1AR     7        Beta-1 adrenergic receptor signature
ADRENRGCB2AR     7        Beta-2 adrenergic receptor signature
ADRENRGCB3AR     7        Beta-3 adrenergic receptor signature
ANPHYLATOXNR     5     Anaphylatoxin chemotactic receptor signature
C5ANPHYLTXNR     8        C5A-anaphylatoxin receptor signature
C3ANPHYLTXNR    10        C3A-anaphylatoxin receptor signature
ANGIOTENSINR     8     Angiotensin II receptor signature
ANGIOTENSN1R     8        AT1 angiotensin II receptor signature
ANGIOTENSN2R     9        AT2 angiotensin II receptor signature
APJRECEPTOR      7     APJ receptor signature
BOMBESINR        6     Bombesin receptor signature
BOMBESIN3R       6        Type 3 bombesin receptor signature
BOMBESIN4R       5        Type 4 bombesin receptor signature
NEUROMEDINBR     6        Neuromedin B receptor signature
GASTRINRELPR     6        Gastrin-releasing peptide receptor signature
BRADYKININR      6     Bradykinin receptor signature
BRADYKINNB1R     8        B1 bradykinin receptor signature                            
BRADYKINNB2R     8        B2 bradykinin receptor signature                            
CANNABINOIDR     9     Cannabinoid receptor signature
CANABINOID1R     7        Cannabinoid receptor type 1 signature
CANABINOID2R     5        Cannabinoid receptor type 2 signature
CCCHEMOKINER     7     Chemokine receptor signature
CHEMOKINER1      8        C-C chemokine receptor type 1 signature
CHEMOKINER2      4        C-C chemokine receptor type 2 signature
CHEMOKINER3      5        C-C chemokine receptor type 3 signature
CHEMOKINER4      8        C-C chemokine receptor type 4 signature
CHEMOKINER5      5        C-C chemokine receptor type 5 signature
CHEMOKINER6      5        C-C chemokine receptor type 6 signature
CHEMOKINER7      9        C-C chemokine receptor type 7 signature
CHEMOKINER8      5        C-C chemokine receptor type 8 signature
CHEMOKINER9      5        C-C chemokine receptor type 9 signature
CHEMOKINER10     4        C-C chemokine receptor type 10 signature
CHEMOKINER11     4        C-C chemokine receptor type 11 signature
CXCCHMKINER3     9        C-X-C chemokine receptor type 3 signature
CXCCHMKINER4     9        C-X-C chemokine receptor type 4 signature
CXCCHMKINER5     8        C-X-C chemokine receptor type 5 signature
CXCCHMKINER6     9        C-X-C chemokine receptor type 6 signature
CCYSTOKININR     8     Cholecystokinin receptor family signature
CCYSTOKNINAR     7        Cholecystokinin type A receptor signature
GASTRINR         9        Gastrin receptor signature
CYSLTRECPTR      6     Cysteinyl leukotriene receptor family signature
CYSLT1RECPTR	 6	  Cysteinyl leukotriene receptor 1 signature
CYSLT2RECPTR	 6        Cysteinyl leukotriene receptor 2 signature
DOPAMINER        5     Dopamine receptor signature
DOPAMINED1AR     7        Dopamine 1A receptor signature
DOPAMINED1BR     5        Dopamine 1B receptor signature
DOPAMINED2R      6        Dopamine D2 receptor signature 
DOPAMINED3R      7        Dopamine D3 receptor signature 
DOPAMINED4R      3        Dopamine D4 receptor signature
ENDOTHELINR      7     Endothelin receptor signature
ENDOTHELINAR     7        Endothelin-A receptor signature
ENDOTHELINBR     8        Endothelin-B receptor signature
FMETLEUPHER      8     Formyl-methionyl peptide receptor signature
FRACTALKINER     9     Fractalkine receptor signature
G2ARECEPTOR      8     G2A lysophosphatidylcholine receptor signature
GALANINR         5     Galanin receptor signature
GALANIN1R        6        Galanin 1 receptor signature
GALANIN2R        5        Galanin 2 receptor signature
GALANIN3R        5        Galanin 3 receptor signature
GLYCHORMONER     8     Glycoprotein hormone receptor signature
FSHRECEPTOR     10        Follicle stimulating hormone receptor precursor signature
LSHRECEPTOR     10        Lutropin-choriogonadotropic hormone receptor precursor signature
TSHRECEPTOR     15        Thyrotropin receptor precursor signature
GNADOTRPHINR     8     Gonadotrophin releasing hormone receptor signature
GPR4RECEPTOR     8     GPR4 sphingosylphosphorylcholine and lysophosphatidylcholine receptor signature
GHSRECEPTOR     10     Growth hormone secretagogue receptor type 1 signature
HISTAMINEH1R     9     Histamine H1 receptor signature
HISTAMINEH2R     7     Histamine H2 receptor signature
HISTAMINEH3R     8     Histamine H3 receptor signature
HISTAMINEH4R     6     Histamine H4 receptor signature
INTRLEUKIN8R     7     Interleukin-8 receptor signature
INTRLEUKN8AR     5        Interleukin 8A receptor signature
INTRLEUKN8BR     4        Interleukin 8B receptor signature
KISS1RECEPTR    10     KiSS-1 peptide receptor signature
LTBRECEPTOR      5     Leukotriene B4 receptor signature
LTB1RECEPTOR     6        Leukotriene B4 type 1 receptor signature
LTB2RECEPTOR     7        Leukotriene B4 type 2 receptor signature
LYMPHOTACTNR     8     Lymphotactin receptor signature
LPARECEPTOR      6     Lysophosphatidic acid receptor family signature
EDG2RECEPTOR     9        EDG-2 lysophosphatidic acid receptor signature
EDG4RECEPTOR     6        EDG-4 lysophosphatidic acid receptor signature
EDG7RECEPTOR     7        EDG-7 lysophosphatidic acid receptor signature
MCHRECEPTOR      7     Melanin-concentrating hormone receptor family signature
MCH1RECEPTOR     9        Melanin-concentrating hormone 1 receptor signature
MCH2RECEPTOR     9        Melanin-concentrating hormone 2 receptor signature
MCRFAMILY        7     Melanocortin receptor family signature
ACTROPHINR       6        Adrenocorticotrophin receptor signature
MELNOCORTINR     6        Melanocortin receptor signature
MELNOCORTN3R     5           Melanocortin 3 receptor signature
MELNOCORTN4R     5           Melanocortin 4 receptor signature
MELNOCORTN5R     5           Melanocortin 5 receptor signature
MELNOCYTESHR     7        Melanocyte stimulating hormone receptor signature
MELATONINR       7     Melatonin receptor signature
MELATONIN1AR     6        Melatonin 1A receptor signature
MELATONIN1CR     5        Melatonin 1C receptor signature
MELATONIN1XR    12        Melatonin-related 1X receptor signature
MUSCARINICR      9     Muscarinic receptor signature
MUSCRINICM1R     6        Muscarinic M1 receptor signature
MUSCRINICM2R     7        Muscarinic M2 receptor signature
MUSCRINICM3R     7        Muscarinic M3 receptor signature
MUSCRINICM4R     5        Muscarinic M4 receptor signature
MUSCRINICM5R     8        Muscarinic M5 receptor signature
NEUROKININR      8     Neurokinin receptor signature
NEUROKININ1R     9        Neurokinin NK1 receptor signature                           
NEUROKININ2R     9        Neurokinin NK2 receptor signature                           
NEUROKININ3R     9        Neurokinin NK3 receptor signature                           
NEUROMEDINUR     6     Neuromedin U receptor family signature
NEUROMEDNU1R     9        Neuromedin U type 1 receptor signature
NEUROMEDNU2R     8        Neuromedin U type 2 receptor signature
NPFFRECEPTOR     6     Neuropeptide FF receptor family signature
NPFFRECEPTR1     7        Type 1 neuropeptide FF receptor signature
NPFFRECEPTR2     6        Type 2 neuropeptide FF receptor signature
NRPEPTIDEYR      5     Neuropeptide Y receptor signature                           
NRPEPTIDEY1R     7        Neuropeptide Y1 receptor signature                          
NRPEPTIDEY2R     11       Neuropeptide Y2 receptor signature
NRPEPTIDEY4R     10       Neuropeptide Y4 receptor signature                          
NRPEPTIDEY5R     12       Neuropeptide Y5 receptor signature                          
NRPEPTIDEY6R     6        Neuropeptide Y6 receptor signature                          
NRPEPTIDEWR      8     Neuropeptide W receptor family signature  
NEUROTENSINR     6     Neurotensin receptor signature
NEUROTENSN1R     6        Neurotensin type 1 receptor signature
NEUROTENSN2R     6        Neurotensin type 2 receptor signature
OCTOPAMINER      7     Octopamine receptor signature
OGR1RECEPTOR    11     OGR1 sphingosylphosphorylcholine receptor signature
OLFACTORYR       5     Olfactory receptor signature
OPIOIDR          6     Opioid receptor signature
DELTAOPIOIDR     6        Delta opioid receptor signature
KAPPAOPIOIDR     7        Kappa opioid receptor signature
MUOPIOIDR        7        Mu opioid receptor signature
XOPIOIDR         7        X opioid receptor signature
OPSIN         P  3     Opsin signature
OPSINBLUE        6        Blue-sensitive opsin signature
OPSINREDGRN      6        Red/green-sensitive opsin signature
OPSINRH1RH2      7        Opsin RH1/RH2 signature
OPSINRH3RH4      7        Opsin RH3/RH4 signature
OPSINLTRLEYE     5        Lateral eye opsin signature
PEROPSIN        11        Peropsin signature
PINOPSIN         5        Pineal opsin signature
RHODOPSIN        6        Rhodopsin signature
RHODOPSNTAIL     3           Molluscan rhodopsin C-terminal tail signature
RPERETINALR      7        Retinal pigment epithelium-retinal GPCR signature 
OREXINR         10     Orexin receptor signature
OREXIN1R         4        Orexin receptor type 1 signature
OREXIN2R         4        Orexin receptor type 2 signature
P2YPURNOCPTR     5     P2Y purinoceptor signature
P2Y1PRNOCPTR     6        P2Y1 purinoceptor signature
P2Y2PRNOCPTR     8        P2Y2 purinoceptor signature
P2Y3PRNOCPTR     7        P2Y3 purinoceptor signature
P2Y4PRNOCPTR     9        P2Y4 purinoceptor signature
P2Y6PRNOCPTR     6        P2Y6 purinoceptor signature
P2Y12PRNCPTR     3        P2Y12 purinoceptor signature
P2Y13PRNCPTR     7        P2Y13 purinoceptor signature
PAFRECEPTOR     11     Platelet activating factor receptor signature
PRPRECEPTOR     10     Prolactin-releasing peptide receptor signature 
PROSTANOIDR      5     Prostanoid receptor signature
PROSTAGLNDNR     3        Prostaglandin receptor signature
PRSTNOIDEP1R     7           Prostanoid EP1 receptor signature 
PRSTNOIDEP2R     8           Prostanoid EP2 receptor signature 
PRSTNOIDEP3R     6           Prostanoid EP3 receptor signature 
PRSTNOIDE31R     5              Prostanoid EP3 receptor type 1 signature 
PRSTNOIDE32R     5              Prostanoid EP3 receptor type 2 signature 
PRSTNOIDE33R     3              Prostanoid EP3 receptor type 3 signature 
PRSTNOIDEP4R     8           Prostanoid EP4 receptor signature 
PRSTNOIDDPR      8           Prostaglandin D receptor signature
PRSTNOIDFPR      9           Prostaglandin F receptor signature
PRSTNOIDIPR      9           Prostacyclin (prostanoid IP) receptor signature
THROMBOXANER     7        Thromboxane receptor signature
PROTEASEAR       5     Protease activated receptor precursor signature
PROTEASEAR2     10        Protease activated receptor 2 precursor signature
PROTEASEAR3     10        Protease activated receptor 3 precursor signature
PROTEASEAR4     11        Protease activated receptor 4 precursor signature
THROMBINR        8        Thrombin receptor signature
PSYCHOSINER     10     Psychosine receptor signature
RELAXINR         7     Relaxin receptor family signature
SOMATOSTATNR     7     Somatostatin receptor signature
SOMATOSTTN1R     6        Somatostatin receptor type 1 signature
SOMATOSTTN2R     6        Somatostatin receptor type 2 signature
SOMATOSTTN3R     7        Somatostatin receptor type 3 signature
SOMATOSTTN4R     6        Somatostatin receptor type 4 signature
SOMATOSTTN5R     5        Somatostatin receptor type 5 signature
S1PRECEPTOR      7     Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor family signature
EDG1RECEPTOR     9        EDG-1 sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor signature
EDG3RECEPTOR     5        EDG-3 sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor signature
EDG5RECEPTOR     7        EDG-5 sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor signature
EDG6RECEPTOR     8        EDG-6 sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor signature
EDG8RECEPTOR    10        EDG-8 sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor signature
TRHRFAMILY       8     Thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor family signature
THYROLIBRINR    11        Thyrotrophin-releasing hormone receptor signature
TRHRECEPTOR2     6        Thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor 2 signature
TRACEAMINER      3     Trace amine receptor signature
TRACEAMINE1R     6        Trace amine receptor 1 signature
UDPGLUCOSER      7     UDP-glucose receptor signature
UROTENSIN2R      9     Urotensin II receptor signature
VASOPRESSINR     8     Vasopressin receptor signature
VASOPRSNV1AR     7        Vasopressin V1A receptor signature
VASOPRSNV1BR     9        Vasopressin V1B receptor signature
VASOPRSNV2R      8        Vasopressin V2 receptor signature
OXYTOCINR        7        Oxytocin receptor signature
VOMERONASL1R     8     Vomeronasal type 1 receptor family signature
DEZORPHANR      10     DEZ orphan receptor signature
DUFFYANTIGEN     7     Duffy antigen/chemokine receptor signature
G10DORPHANR      9     G10D orphan receptor signature
GPR1ORPHANR      9     GPR1 orphan receptor signature
GPR37ORPHANR     6     GPR37 orphan receptor signature
GPRORPHANR       8     GPR orphan receptor signature
GPR3ORPHANR      4        GPR3 orphan receptor signature
GPR6ORPHANR      7        GPR6 orphan receptor signature
GPR12ORPHANR     4        GPR12 orphan receptor signature
GPR40FAMILY	 5     GPR40-related receptor family signature
FATTYACIDR	 8	  Fatty acid receptor GPR40 signature
MASONCOGENE      7     Mas oncogene signature
MRGPCRFAMILY	 6     Mas-related G-protein coupled receptor family signature
MRGPCRA		 3        Mas-related G-protein coupled receptor A signature
MRGPCRD		 7	  Mas-related G-protein coupled receptor D signature
MRGPCRE		 7	  Mas-related G-protein coupled receptor E signature
MRGPCRF		11	  Mas-related G-protein coupled receptor F signature
MRGPCRH		 5	  Mas-related G-protein coupled receptor H signature
P2Y5ORPHANR      6     P2Y5 orphan receptor signature
RDC1ORPHANR      9     RDC1 orphan receptor signature
GCR1CAMPR	 5  GCR1-cAMP receptor family signature
GPCRCAMP         7     cAMP-type GPCR signature
GCR1PLANT	11     Putative plant GPCR, GCR1, signature
GPCRMGR          7  Metabotropic glutamate GPCR family signature
CASENSINGR       7     Extracellular calcium-sensing receptor signature
MTABOTROPICR     6     Metabotropic glutamate receptor signature
MTABOTROPC1R     9        Metabotropic glutamate receptor 1 signature
MTABOTROPC2R     9        Metabotropic glutamate receptor 2 signature
MTABOTROPC3R    10        Metabotropic glutamate receptor 3 signature
MTABOTROPC4R     9        Metabotropic glutamate receptor 4 signature
MTABOTROPC5R    12        Metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 signature
MTABOTROPC6R     7        Metabotropic glutamate receptor 6 signature
MTABOTROPC7R     7        Metabotropic glutamate receptor 7 signature
MTABOTROPC8R     6        Metabotropic glutamate receptor 8 signature
GABABRECEPTR    14     Metabotropic gamma-aminobutyric acid type B receptor signature
GABAB1RECPTR    10        Metabotropic gamma-aminobutyric acid type B1 receptor signature
GABAB2RECPTR    13        Metabotropic gamma-aminobutyric acid type B2 receptor signature
VOMERONASL2R     9     Vomeronasal type 2 receptor family signature
GPCRSECRETIN  P  7  Secretin-like GPCR family signature
BAIPRECURSOR    13     Brain-specific angiogenesis inhibitor precursor signature
CTRFAMILY        9     Calcitonin receptor family signature
CALCITONINR      6        Calcitonin receptor signature
CGRPRECEPTOR     7        Calcitonin gene-related peptide type 1 receptor signature
CD97PROTEIN     13     CD97 protein signature
CRFRECEPTOR     10     Corticotropin releasing factor receptor signature
CRFRECEPTOR1     4        Corticotropin releasing factor type 1 receptor signature
CRFRECEPTOR2     5        Corticotropin releasing factor type 2 receptor signature
DIUHORMONER      8     Diuretic hormone receptor signature
EMR1HORMONER     9     EMR1 hormone receptor signature
GHRHRECEPTOR     9     Growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor signature
GIPRECEPTOR     11     Gastric inhibitory polypeptide receptor precursor signature
GLUCAGNFAMLY     4     Glucagon family receptor signature
GLUCAGONR       10        Glucagon receptor signature
GLUCAGNLIKER     8        Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor signature
IGHEPTARCPTR    13     Ig-hepta receptor signature
LATROPHILIN      4     Latrophilin receptor signature
PTRHORMONER      6     Parathyroid hormone receptor signature
SECRETINR        8     Secretin receptor signature
VASOACTVEIPR     4     Vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor signature
VIP1RECEPTOR     8        Vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor 1 signature
VIP2RECEPTOR    10        Vasoactive intestinal peptide receptor 2 signature
PACAPRECEPTR    10        Pituitary adenylate cyclase activating polypeptide type 1 receptor signature
GPR56ORPHANR     5     GPR56 orphan receptor signature
GPCRSTE2         7  Yeast pheromone mating factor STE2 GPCR signature
GPCRSTE3        12  Fungal pheromone STE3 GPCR signature
PHEROMONEAR      7     Pheromone a receptor signature
PHEROMONEBAR    12     Pheromone B alpha-1 receptor signature
BACTRLOPSIN   P  7  Bacterial opsin signature
GPR153GPR162	 7  GP153/GP162 7TM protein family signature
GPR153		 9     GP153 7TM protein signature
GPR162		10     GP162 7TM protein signature
NRIONCHANNEL  P  4  Neurotransmitter-gated ion channel family signature
GABAARECEPTR     4     Gamma-aminobutyric acid A (GABA) receptor signature
GABAARALPHA      8        Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor alpha subunit signature
GABAARALPHA1     3           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor alpha1 subunit signature    
GABAARALPHA2     4           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor alpha 2 subunit signature
GABAARALPHA3     4           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor alpha 3 subunit signature
GABAARALPHA4     4           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor alpha 4 subunit signature
GABAARALPHA5     4           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor alpha 5 subunit signature
GABAARALPHA6     5           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor alpha 6 subunit signature
GABAARBETA       4        Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor beta subunit signature
GABAARDELTA      3        Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor delta subunit signature
GABAAREPSLON     3        Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor epsilon subunit signature
GABAARGAMMA      5        Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor gamma subunit signature
GABAARGAMMA1     3           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor gamma 1 subunit signature
GABAARGAMMA2     3           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor gamma 2 subunit signature
GABAARGAMMA3     4           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor gamma 3 subunit signature
GABAARPI         4        Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor pi subunit signature
GABAARRHO        3        Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A (GABAA) receptor rho subunit signature
GABAARRHO1       3           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A (GABAA) receptor rho 1 subunit signature
GABAARRHO2       3           Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A (GABAA) receptor rho 2 subunit signature
GABAARTHETA      5        Gamma-aminobutyric-acid A receptor theta subunit signature
GLYRALPHA        3     Glycine receptor alpha subunit signature
GLYRALPHA1	 3        Glycine receptor alpha 1 subunit signature
GLYRALPHA2       3        Glycine receptor alpha 2 subunit signature
GLYRALPHA3       3        Glycine receptor alpha 3 subunit signature
GLYRBETA         4     Glycine receptor beta subunit signature
NICOTINICR       4     Nicotinic acetylcholine receptor signature
5HT3RECEPTOR     3     5-hydroxytryptamine 3 receptor signature
5HT3ARECEPTR     5        5-hydroxytryptamine 3 receptor A subunit signature
5HT3BRECEPTR     3        5-hydroxytryptamine 3 receptor B subunit signature
P2XRECEPTOR      5  P2X purinoceptor family signature
P2X1RECEPTOR    10     P2X1 purinoceptor signature
P2X2RECEPTOR    10     P2X2 purinoceptor signature
P2X3RECEPTOR     9     P2X3 purinoceptor signature
P2X4RECEPTOR    10     P2X4 purinoceptor signature
P2X5RECEPTOR     4     P2X5 purinoceptor signature
P2X6RECEPTOR     9     P2X6 purinoceptor signature
P2X7RECEPTOR    11     P2X7 purinoceptor signature
NATPEPTIDER   P  5  Natriuretic peptide receptor signature
REACTNCENTRE  P  5  Bacterial photosynthetic reaction centre signature
LIGHTHARVSTA  P  3  Light harvesting protein A chain signature
LIGHTHARVSTB  P  2  Light harvesting protein B chain signature
PHYTOCHROME   P 10  Phytochrome signature                                       
PHOTSYSPSAAB  P 12  Plant photosystem I PSAA and PSAB protein signature
5LPOXGNASEAP     7  5-lipoxygenase activating protein signature
FRIZZLED         7  Frizzled protein signature
INSP3RECEPTR     9  Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate-binding protein receptor signature
INTERFERONGR     5  Interferon-gamma receptor alpha chain signature
INTRLKN1R12F     7  Interleukin-1 receptor type I and type II family signature 
INTRLKN1R1F      7    Interleukin-1 receptor type I family signature 
INTRLEUKN1R1    12       Interleukin-1 receptor type I precursor signature 
INTRLEUKN1R2    10       Interleukin-1 receptor type II precursor signature
INTRLEUKN1BP    11       Interleukin-1 binding protein precursor signature 
LIPOCALINIMR     7  Lipocalin-1 interacting membrane receptor signature
MHCCLASSI        4  MHC class I signature
RYANODINER       9  Ryanodine receptor signature
SPERACTRCPTR  P  5  Speract receptor signature
MACSCAVRCPTR     8     Macrophage scavenger receptor signature
TCELLCD5        10     T-cell surface glycoprotein CD5 signature
CD36FAMILY       6  Adhesion molecule CD36 family signature
CD36ANTIGEN     13     Adhesion molecule CD36 signature
LIMPII           9     Lysosome membrane protein II (LIMP II) signature
NOTCH		 5  Neurogenic locus Notch protein signature
NOTCH1		 5     Neurogenic locus Notch protein 1 signature 
NOTCH2		 4     Neurogenic locus Notch protein 2 signature 
NOTCH3		 4     Neurogenic locus Notch protein 3 signature
NOTCH4		 7     Neurogenic locus Notch protein 4 signature
CD34ANTIGEN      8  CD34 antigen signature
CD164ANTIGEN     4  CD164 antigen signature
CD40LIGAND       6  CD40 ligand/CD154 antigen signature
CD28ANTIGEN      4  CD28 antigen signature
CTLANTIGEN4      6  Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4 signature
TMPROTEINSRA     7  C.elegans sra family integral membrane protein signature
TMPROTEINSRB     8  C.elegans srb family integral membrane protein signature
TMPROTEINSRG     7  C.elegans srg family integral membrane protein signature
TMFOUR        P  4  Transmembrane four family signature
TRNSINTIMINR     9  Translocated intimin receptor (Tir) signature
CHEMTRNSDUCR  P  7  Bacterial chemotaxis sensory transducer signature
LDLRECEPTOR      6  Low density lipoprotein (LDL) receptor signature
MAN6PRECEPTR     9  Cation-dependent mannose-6-phosphate receptor signature
OM20RECEPTOR     3  MAS20 protein import receptor signature
EUOM20RECPTR	 7     Eukaryotic MAS20 (TOM20) import receptor subunit signature
STRDHORMONER     5  Steroid hormone receptor signature
ANDROGENR        9     Androgen receptor (3C nuclear receptor) signature
COUPTNFACTOR     9     COUP transcription factor (2F nuclear receptor) family signature
ECDYSTEROIDR     8     Ecdysteroid receptor (1H nuclear receptor) signature
GLCORTICOIDR     6     Glucocorticoid receptor (3C nuclear receptor) signature
LIVERXRECPTR	 5     Liver X receptor signature
NUCLEARECPTR    11     Orphan nuclear receptor (4A nuclear receptor) family signature
HMRNUCRECPTR     9        Orphan nuclear receptor HMR signature
NORNUCRECPTR    10        Orphan nuclear receptor NOR1 signature
NURRNUCRCPTR    12        Orphan nuclear receptor NURR signature
OESTROGENR       8     Oestrogen receptor (3A nuclear receptor) signature
PROGESTRONER     8     Progesterone receptor (3C nuclear receptor) signature
PROXISOMEPAR     7     Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (1C nuclear receptor) signature
PROXISOMPABR     4        Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor beta signature
PROXISOMPAAR     6        Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha signature
PROXISOMPAGR     6        Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma signature
RETNOICACIDR    10     Retinoic acid receptor (1B nuclear receptor) signature
RETINOIDXR       4     Retinoid X receptor (2B nuclear receptor) signature
RORNUCRECPTR     5     Nuclear receptor ROR family (1F nuclear receptor) signature
THYROIDHORMR     9     Thyroid hormone receptor (1D nuclear receptor) signature
VITAMINDR        6     Vitamin D receptor (1I nuclear receptor) signature
THRMBOMODULN     9  Thrombomodulin signature
TNFACTORR1A	 4  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 1A signature
TNFACTORR1B	 5  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 1B signature
TNFACTORR3	 5  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 3 signature
TNFACTORR4	 3  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 4 signature
TNFACTORR5	 5  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 5 signature
TNFACTORR6	 5  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 6 signature
TNFACTORR7	 4  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 7 signature
TNFACTORR8	 4  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 8 signature
TNFACTORR9	 3  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 9 signature
TNFACTORR10	 3  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 10 signature
TNFACTORR11	 3  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 11 signature
TNFACTORR11A	 5     Tumour necrosis factor receptor 11A signature
TNFACTORR11B	 5     Tumour necrosis factor receptor 11B signature
TNFACTORR12	 3  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 12 signature
TNFACTORR13B	 4  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 13B signature
TNFACTORR13C	 3  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 13C signature
TNFACTORR14	 4  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 14 signature
TNFACTORR16	 4  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 16 signature
TNFACTORR17	 3  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 17 signature
TNFACTORR18	 3  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 18 signature
TNFACTORR19	 4  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 19 signature
TNFACTORR19L	 5  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 19-like signature
TNFACTORR21	 4  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 21 signature
TNFACTORR25	 6  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 25 signature
TNFACTORR27	 3  Tumour necrosis factor receptor 27 signature
VEGFRECEPTOR     6  Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor signature
VEGFRECEPTR1     7     Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor type 1 signature
VEGFRECEPTR2     7     Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor type 2 signature
VEGFRECEPTR3     7     Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor type 3 signature
INPROXISOME2	 5  Inheritance of peroxisomes protein 2 signature

      Cytokines and growth factors top

GMCSFACTOR    P  6  Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor signature
INHIBINA         8  Inhibin alpha chain signature
INHIBINBA        6  Inhibin beta A chain signature
INHIBINBB        8  Inhibin beta B chain signature
INHIBINBC        7  Inhibin beta C chain signature
IL1HBGF          3  IL1/HBGF family signature
HBGFFGF       P  4     Heparin binding growth factor family signature
INTERLEUKIN1  P  4     Interleukin-1 signature
INTRLEUKN1AB     6        Interleukin-1 alpha/beta precursor family signature
INTRLEUKIN1A    10           Interleukin-1 alpha precursor signature
INTRLEUKIN1B    11           Interleukin-1 beta precursor signature
INTRLEUKIN1X     7        Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist precursor IL-1RA signature
INTERLEUKIN2  P  5  Interleukin-2 signature
INTERLEUKIN3     3  Interleukin-3 signature
INTERLEUKIN4  P  5  Interleukin-4 signature
INTERLEUKIN5     4  Interleukin-5 signature
IL6GCSFMGF       4  Interleukin-6/G-CSF/MGF family signature
INTERLEUKIN6  P  4     Interleukin-6 signature
INTERLEUKIN7  P  6  Interleukin-7 signature
SMALLCYTKCXC  P  3  Small CxC cytokine family signature
INTERLEUKIN8     4     Interleukin-8 signature
INTERLEUKIN9	 3  Interleukin-9 signature
INTRLEUKIN10     4  Interleukin-10 signature
INTRLEUKIN11	 3  Interleukin-11 signature
INTLKN11MAML	 3     Mammalian interleukin-11 signature
INTLKN11FISH	 3     Fish interleukin-11 signature
IL11AFISH	 3        Interleukin-11A signature
IL11BFISH	 3	  Interleukin-11B signature
INTRLEUKN12B	 3  Interleukin-12 beta subunit signature
INTRLEUKIN13	 4  Interleukin-13 signature
INTRLEUKIN15	 3  Interleukin-15 signature
INTLKN15MAML	 3     Mammalian interleukin-15 signature
INTLKN15BIRD	 3     Avian interleukin-15 signature
INTLKN15FISH	 3     Fish interleukin-15 signature
INTRLEUKIN16	 3  Interleukin-16 signature
INTRLEUKIN17	 3  Interleukin-17 signature
INTRLEUKIN18	 4  Interleukin-18 signature
INTRLEUKIN19	 3  Interleukin-19 signature
INTRLEUKIN20	 3  Interleukin-20 signature
INTRLEUKIN22	 7  Interleukin-22 signature
INTRLEUKIN24	 3  Interleukin-24 signature
INTRLEUKIN34	 5  Interleukin-34 signature
FRACTALKINE     11  Fractalkine/neurotactin precursor signature
LYMPHOTACTIN     5  Lymphotactin precursor signature
INTERFERONAB  P  3  Interferon alpha and beta subunit signature
INTFRNREGFCT  P  4  Interferon regulatory factor signature
EPHRIN           5  Ephrin signature
GDNFRECEPTOR     6  Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor receptor family signature
GDNFRALPHA1      3     Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor receptor alpha 1 signature
GDNFRALPHA2      5     Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor receptor alpha 2 signature
GDNFRALPHA3      5     Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor receptor alpha 3 signature
NGF           P  4  Nerve growth factor signature
BDNFACTOR	 5     Brain derived neurotrophic factor signature
NGFBETA		 3     Nerve growth factor beta subunit signature
MAMLNGFBETA	 3	  Mammalian nerve growth factor beta subunit signature
VENOMNGF	 4	  Venom nerve growth factor signature
NEUROTROPHN3	 4     Neurotrophin-3 signature
NEUROTROPHN4	 3     Neurotrophin-4 signature
NEUROTROPHN6	 3     Neurotrophin-6 signature
NTKRECEPTOR	 3  Neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor family signature
NTKRECEPTOR1	 3     Neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor type 1 signature
NTKRECEPTOR2	 4     Neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor type 2 signature
NTKRECEPTOR3	 4     Neurotrophic tyrosine kinase receptor type 3 signature
PTNMIDKINE    P  3  Pleiotrophin/midkine family signature
RABAPTIN        12  Rabaptin signature
TGFBETA       P  5  Transforming growth factor beta precursor signature
TGFBETA1         6     Transforming growth factor beta 1 precursor signature
TGFBETA2         8     Transforming growth factor beta 2 precursor signature
TGFBETA3        10     Transforming growth factor beta 3 precursor signature
TGFBETA4        14     Transforming growth factor beta 4 precursor signature
TNECROSISFCT  P  5  Tumour necrosis factor family signature
TNFALPHA         5     Tumour necrosis factor alpha (cachectin) signature
TNFBETA          5     Tumour necrosis factor beta (lymphotoxin-alpha) signature
TNFC             8     Tumour necrosis factor c (lymphotoxin-beta) signature
WNTPROTEIN       5  Wnt protein signature
WNT1PROTEIN      5     Wnt-1 protein signature
WNT2PROTEIN      3     Wnt-2 protein signature
WNT3PROTEIN      3     Wnt-3 protein signature
WNT4PROTEIN      4     Wnt-4 protein signature
WNT6PROTEIN      3     Wnt-6 protein signature
WNT7PROTEIN	 5     Wnt-7 protein signature
WNT8PROTEIN	 4     Wnt-8 protein signature
WNT10PROTEIN	 5     Wnt-10 protein signature
WNT14PROTEIN	 4     Wnt-14 protein signature
WNT16PROTEIN	 6     Wnt-16 protein signature

      Hormones and active peptides top

ADRENOMEDULN     8  Adrenomedullin signature
CALCITONINA   P  3  Alpha-type calcitonin signature
CALCITONINB      4  Beta-type calcitonin signature
ISLETAMYLOID     4  Islet amyloid protein (amylin) signature
ENDOTHELIN    P  3  Endothelin signature
MELANOCORTIN     6  Melanocortin signature
DEFENSIN      P  3  Defensin signature
ERYTHROPTN    P  6  Erythropoietin signature
GALANIN       P  2  Galanin signature
GONADOLIBRNI     3  Gonadoliberin I precursor signature
GUANYLIN         5  Guanylin precursor signature
CHROMOGRANIN  P  3  Chromogranin signature
CRFFAMILY	 3  Corticotropin-releasing factor family signature
FASLIGAND        7  Fas antigen ligand signature
FMRFAMIDEPEP     6  FMRFamide-related peptide precursor signature
GFCYSKNOT     P  2  Growth factor cystine knot superfamily signature
GLYCOHORMONE  P  4  Glycoprotein hormone alpha chain signature
GLUCAGON      P  2  Glucagon polypeptide hormone superfamily signature
GHRELIN          4  Preproghrelin peptide signature
PROMCHFAMILY     3  Pre-pro melanin-concentrating hormone signature
OREXINPP         4  Prepro-orexin signature
HYPRGLYCEMIC     3  Hyperglycemic hormone signature
HYPRGLYCEMC1     4     Hyperglycemic hormone type 1 signature
HYPRGLYCEMC2     4     Hyperglycemic hormone type 2 signature
INSULINFAMLY  P  2  Insulin family signature
INSULIN       P  2     Insulin signature
INSLNLIKEGF	 3     Insulin-like growth factor signature
INSLNLIKEGF1	 4        Insulin-like growth factor I signature
INSLNLIKEGF2	 3	  Insulin-like growth factor II signature
BOMBYXIN	 4     Bombyxin signature
RELAXIN		 6     Relaxin signature
PLACENTIN	 4        Placentin signature
NATPEPTIDES   P  2  Natriuretic peptide family signature
ANATPEPTIDE      7     Atrial natriuretic peptide signature
BNATPEPTIDE      5     Brain natriuretic peptide signature
CNATPEPTIDE      3     C-type natriuretic peptide signature
NEUROPHYSIN   P  5  Neurohypophysial hormone signature
NEUROTENSIN      7  Neurotensin/neuromedin N precursor signature
NEUROKININB      5  Neurokinin B precursor signature
PROTACHYKNIN     6  Protachykinin 1 precursor signature
NROPEPTIDEBW	 3  Neuropeptide B/W family signature
PPNRPEPTIDEB	 4     Neuropeptide B precursor signature
PPNRPEPTIDEW	 4     Neuropeptide W precursor signature
OPIOIDPRCRSR  P  4  Opioid neuropeptide precursor signature                     
PENKAPRCRSR     10     Proenkephalin A precursor signature                         
PENKBPRCRSR      7     Proenkephalin B precursor signature                         
ORPHNNPRCRSR     8     Nociceptin precursor signature                              
PANCHORMONE   P  2  Pancreatic hormone signature
SOMATOTROPIN  P  4  Somatotropin hormone family signature
THROMBOPTN       6  Thrombopoietin signature

      Toxins top

AEROLYSIN     P  9  Aerolysin signature
SAGSUPRFAMLY	 5  Bacterial superantigen superfamily signature
BACTRLTOXIN   P  2     Bacterial toxin signature
BICOMPNTOXIN     3  Staphylococcal bi-component toxin signature
TOXICSSTOXIN     5  Staphylococcal toxic shock syndrome toxin signature
BONTOXILYSIN     6  Bontoxilysin signature
BINARYTOXINA     8  Clostridial binary toxin A signature 
BINARYTOXINB    12  Binary toxin B family signature 
ANTHRAXTOXNA    10  Anthrax toxin LF subunit signature 
BORPETOXINA      6  Bordetella pertussis toxin A subunit signature
BORPETOXINB      6  Bordetella pertussis toxin B subunit signature
CDTOXINA         6  Cytolethal distending toxin A signature
CDTOXINB         6  Cytolethal distending toxin B signature
CDTOXINC         5  Cytolethal distending toxin C signature
CHANLCOLICIN  P  4  Channel forming colicin signature
CLOACIN          8  Cloacin signature
EXFOLTOXIN       6  Exfoliative toxin signature
FUNRIBOTOXIN     5  Fungal allergen ribonucleotoxin signature
LYSISCOLICIN     3  Colicin lysis protein signature
PYOCINKILLER    10  Pyocin S killer protein signature
COMPLEMENTC9     6  Complement C9 signature
DPTHRIATOXIN    10  Diphtheria toxin signature
EMAJORBASICP     7  Eosinophil major basic protein signature
ENTEROTOXINA     5  Heat labile enterotoxin A chain signature
ENTEROTOXINB     5  Heat labile enterotoxin B chain signature
CLENTEROTOXN     7  Clostridium enterotoxin signature
TACYTOLYSIN     11  Bacterial thiol-activated pore-forming cytolysin signature
HOKGEFTOXIC   P  2  HOK/GEF cell toxic protein family signature
CYTOTOXIN     P  5  Snake cytotoxin signature
MYOTOXIN      P  3  Myotoxin signature
TOXIN            2  Toxin signature
SCORPNTOXIN      4     Scorpion toxin signature
CHARYBDTOXIN     2     Charybdotoxin signature
THIONIN       P  2     Plant thionin signature
PUROTHIONIN      3     Purothionin signature
SHIGARICIN    P  5  Ribosome inactivating protein family signature
STAPHEXOTOXN     4  Staphylococcus aureus exotoxin signature
VACCYTOTOXIN    15  Helicobacter pylori vacuolating cytotoxin signature
TOXINPGFAMLY	 4  Toxin Pg family signature

      Inhibitors top

ANGIOTENSNGN     6  Angiotensinogen signature
ANTIREPRESSR	 3  Antirepressor protein ANT signature
ANTISTASIN       2  Antistasin signature
BASICPTASE    P  3  Basic protease (Kunitz-type) inhibitor family signature
BCL2FAMILY	 3  Bcl-2 apoptosis regulator protein family signature
APOPREGBCL2	 4     Bcl-2 apoptosis regulator protein signature
APOPREGBCLX	 5     Bcl-X apoptosis regulator protein signature
APOPREGBCLW	 5     Bcl-W apoptosis regulator protein signature
APOPREGMCL1	 5     MCL1 (myeloid cell leukaemia 1) apoptosis regulator protein signature
BCL2RLATEDA1	 4     Bcl-2-related protein A1 signature
MASPIN           9  Maspin signature
DISINTEGRIN   P  2  Disintegrin signature
FLIPRCHIPS	 3  FPRL1/chemotaxis inhibitory protein signature
FLIPR		 3     FPRL1 inhibitory protein signature
CHEMOTAXISIP	 6     Chemotaxis inhibitory protein signature
HIRUDIN          4  Hirudin signature
BPLRPCIII     P  2  Lambda phage regulatory protein CIII signature
LEUKAEMIAIF	 9  Leukaemia inhibitory factor signature
LEUSERPINII      5  Leuserpin 2 signature
AMLASEINHBTR  P  6  Cereal trypsin/alpha-amylase inhibitor family signature
RAGALLERGEN      8     Rice seed allergenic protein rag signature
RGSPROTEIN       4  Regulator of G-protein signalling (RGS) protein signature
KAZALINHBTR   P  2  Kazal-type serine protease inhibitor signature
KUNITZINHBTR  P  4  Soybean trypsin inhibitor (Kunitz-type) signature
PASS1		 3  Protein Associated with Small Stress protein 1 (PASS1) signature
POTATOINHBTR     3  Potato inhibitor I signature
PROHIBITIN       7  Prohibitin signature
RHOGDI           6  Rho protein GDP dissociation inhibitor signature
SQUASHINHBTR  P  2  Squash serine protease inhibitor signature
SSBTLNINHBTR  P  4  Streptomyces subtilisin inhibitor signature
STEFINA          4  Stefin A signature
WIFPROTEIN	 5  Wnt inhibitory factor (WIF)-1 protein signature
PROTEINIBD2	 3   Protein IBD2 signature
PROTEININCA1	 8  Inhibitor of CDK interacting with cyclin A1 protein signature

      Protein secretion and chaperones top

CYCLINKINASE  P  4  Cyclin-dependent kinase regulatory subunit signature
CHAPERONIN10  P  4  10 KD chaperonin signature
CHAPERONIN60  P  5  60 KD chaperonin signature
CD74ANTIGEN	 7  H-2 class II histocompatibility antigen gamma chain (CD74 antigen) signature
TCOMPLEXTCP1  P  5  Tailless complex polypeptide 1 (chaperone) signature
GRPEPROTEIN   P  4  Grpe protein signature
BCTERIALGSPC  P  2  Bacterial general secretion pathway protein C signature
BCTERIALGSPD  P  5  Bacterial general secretion pathway protein D signature
PHAGEIV          6     Gene IV protein signature                                   
BCTERIALGSPF  P  4  Bacterial general secretion pathway protein F signature
BCTERIALGSPG  P  2  Bacterial general secretion pathway protein G signature
BCTERIALGSPH     3  Bacterial general secretion pathway protein H signature
CHAPERONPILI  P  5  Pili chaperone signature
ELICITIN         5  Elicitin signature
SECA          P  7  SecA protein signature
SECBCHAPRONE     4  Bacterial protein-transport SecB chaperone protein signature
SECYTRNLCASE  P  9  Preprotein translocase secY subunit signature
SECETRNLCASE     4  Bacterial translocase SecE signature 
SECGEXPORT       4  Protein-export SecG membrane protein signature 
SECFTRNLCASE     4  Bacterial translocase SecF protein signature
TATCFAMILY       4  Bacterial Sec-independent translocation TatC protein family signature
SYCDCHAPRONE     4  Gram-negative bacterial type III secretion SycD chaperone signature
SYCECHAPRONE     5  Gram-negative bacterial type III secretion SycE chaperone signature 
TYPE3IMAPROT     6  Type III secretion system inner membrane A protein family signature
TYPE3IMPPROT     6  Type III secretion system inner membrane P protein family signature
FLGBIOSNFLIP  P  6     Flagellar biosynthetic protein FLIP signature
TYPE3IMQPROT     3  Type III secretion system inner membrane Q protein family signature
TYPE3IMRPROT     4  Type III secretion system inner membrane R protein family signature
TYPE3IMSPROT     5  Type III secretion system inner membrane S protein family signature
TYPE3OMBPROT    10  Type III secretion system outer membrane B protein family signature
TYPE3OMGPROT     5  Type III secretion system outer membrane G protein family signature
TYPE3OMKPROT     5  Type III secretion system outer membrane K protein family signature 
TYPE3OMOPROT     4  Type III secretion system outer membrane O protein family signature 
TYPE4SSCAGA     11  Type IV secretion system CagA exotoxin signature
TYPE4SSCAGX     13  Type IV secretion system CagX conjugation protein signature 
FIMREGULATRY     3  Escherichia coli P regulatory PapB protein signature
FIMBRIALPAPE     5  Escherichia coli P pili tip fibrillum papE protein signature
FIMBRIALPAPF     8  Escherichia coli P pili tip fibrillum PapF protein signature
FIMBRILLIN       6  Porphyromonas gingivalis fimbrillin protein signature
MIC1MICRNEME     7  MIC1 microneme protein signature
DENSEGRNULE2     6  Dense granule Gra2 protein signature
DENSEGRNULE6     8  Dense granule Gra6 protein signature
DENSEGRNULE7     5  Dense granule Gra7 protein signature
FIBRITIN	 5  Fibritin signature
ACRYSTALLIN      7  Alpha crystallin signature
CLPPROTEASEA  P  4  ATP-dependent CLP protease ATP-binding subunit signature
HEATSHOCK70   P  9  70 KD heat shock protein signature
HEATSHOCK90   P  7  90 KD heat shock protein signature
LUPUSLA          5  Lupus La protein signature
YAJCTRNLCASE     3  Bacterial YajC translocase protein signature
YIDCPROTEIN	 3  YidC translocation/secretion protein signature

      Others top

1433ZETA      P  6  14-3-3 protein zeta signature
ADHESNFAMILY     6  Adhesin family signature
ADHESINB         9     Adhesin B signature
ADHESINMAFB      6  Neisseria meningitidis adhesin MafB signature
OMADHESIN        5  Yersinia outer membrane adhesin signature
AMELOGENIN       4  Amelogenin signature
AMPHIPHYSIN      9  Amphiphysin signature
AMPHIPHYSIN1     7     Amphiphysin isoform 1 signature
AMPHIPHYSIN2     8     Amphiphysin isoform 2 signature
ANGIOMOTIN       7  Angiomotin family signature
ATROPHIN        16  Atrophin signature
BATTENIN         9  CLN3 Batten's disease protein (battenin) signature
BINDIN           6  Bindin precursor signature
CAPSULEPROTB    10  Capsule biosynthesis protein CapB signature 
CAPSULEPROTC     5  Capsule biosynthesis protein CapC signature 
COAGULIN         8  Coagulin signature
DAPIT            3  DAPIT signature
EGGSHELL         5  Eggshell protein signature
CRCMSPRZOITE     6  Plasmodium circumsporozoite protein signature
MEROZOITESA     15  Apical membrane antigen 1 signature
CLOACNIMMNTY     4  Cloacin immunity protein signature
MICROCIN         5  Colicin E1 (microcin) immunity protein signature
PYOCIN           3  Colicin E2 (pyocin) immunity protein signature
LYSIN		 6  Lysin signature
DISHEVELLED      4  Dishevelled protein signature
DISHEVELLED1     9     Dishevelled-1 protein signature
DISHEVELLED2     4     Dishevelled-2 protein signature
DISHEVELLED3     4     Dishevelled-3 protein signature
NEUROLIGIN       4  Neuroligin signature
CBXCFQXSUPER     8  CBXX/CFQX superfamily signature
CBXXCFQX         7     CBXX/CFQX protein signature
CCBIOGENESIS     8  Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein signature
CCMFBIOGNSIS     7     Cytochrome C-type biogenesis protein CcmF signature
CCBSBIOGNSIS    10     Cytochrome C biogenesis protein CcbS signature
NRFEBIOGNSIS     5     Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein NrfE signature
CCMBBIOGNSIS     7  Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein CcmB signature
CCMCBIOGNSIS     6  Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein CcmC signature
CELLSNTHASEA     9  Cellulose synthase subunit A signature 
CELLSNTHASEC    15  Cellulose synthase subunit C signature
CELLSNTHASED     6  Cellulose synthase subunit D signature
CYTOFMRPINTP    12  Cytoplasmic fragile X mental retardation protein interacting protein signature
SERUMAMYLOID  P  3  Serum amyloid A protein signature
ADENOVSFIBRE     7  Adenovirus fibre protein signature
ANTIFREEZEI      3  Type I antifreeze protein signature
ANTIFREEZEII     7  Type II antifreeze protein signature
ANTIFREEZIII     4  Type III antifreeze protein signature
ANTIPRLFBTG1  P  5  Anti-proliferative protein BTG1 family signature
ROYALJELLY       8  Major royal jelly protein family signature
ACRIFLAVINRP     9  Acriflavin resistance protein family signature
BLEOMYCINRST     3  Bleomycin resistance protein signature
MACROMOMYCIN	 4  Macromomycin family signature
BRSTCANCERI      8  Breast cancer type I susceptibility protein signature
DEATHASSOCP3     9  Death associated protein 3 family signature
DISEASERSIST     4  Disease resistance protein signature
FORMIN          10  Formin signature
CALSEQUESTRN  P 10  Calsequestrin signature
ARRESTIN      P  5  Arrestin signature
BETALLERGEN   P  7  Major pollen allergen Bet v1 signature
POAALLERGEN      8  Pollen allergen Poa pI signature
V5TPXLIKE     P  4  Allergen V5/TPX-1 family signature
V5ALLERGEN       5     Venom allergen 5 signature
CABNDNGRPT    P  4  NodO calcium binding signature
SM22CALPONIN  P  8  Smooth muscle protein/calponin family signature
CALPONIN         6     Calponin signature
TRANSGELIN       6     Smooth muscle protein 22-alpha (transgelin) signature
CALRETICULIN  P  6  Calreticulin signature
CLATHRINADPT  P  6  Clathrin coat assembly protein signature
GTPRANTC4     P  5  GTP-binding nuclear protein RAN/TC4 family signature
ELONGATNFCT   P  5  GTP-binding elongation factor signature
YEASTERF         5     Yeast eukaryotic release factor signature
TCRTETOQM        6     Tetracycline resistance protein TetO/TetQ/TetM family signature
PRTACTNFAMLY     8  Pertactin virulence factor family signature
PERTACTIN       11     Pertactin signature
ENTEROVIROMP  P  4  Enterobacterial virulence outer membrane protein signature
SALSPVAPROT      7  Salmonella virulence plasmid 28.1kDa A protein signature
SALSPVBPROT      7  Salmonella virulence plasmid 65kDa B protein signature
SALVRPPROT       4  Salmonella virulence-associated 28kDa protein signature
SURFACELAYER     8  Lactobacillus surface layer protein signature
YERSINIAYOPE     6  Yersinia virulence determinant YopE protein signature
56KDTSANTIGN     9  Rickettsia 56kDa type-specific antigen protein signature
TONBPROTEIN      4  Gram-negative bacterial tonB protein signature 
BACSURFANTGN     7  Yersinia/Haemophilus virulence surface antigen signature
BACINVASINB      7  Salmonella/Shigella invasin protein B signature 
BACINVASINC      8  Salmonella/Shigella invasin protein C signature
INTIMIN          8  Intimin signature
EPENDYMIN     P  9  Ependymin signature
FANCONICGENE     9  Fanconi anaemia group C protein signature
FANCONIAGENE     7  Fanconi anaemia group A protein signature
CALFLAGIN        8  Flagellar calcium-binding protein (calflagin) signature
FLGMOTORFLIG     7  Flagellar motor switch protein FLIG signature
FLGMOTORFLIM     4  Flagellar motor switch protein FLIM signature
FLGMOTORFLIN     4  Flagellar motor switch protein FLIN signature
FLGFLGJ         13  Flagellar protein FlgJ signature                            
FLGFLIH          9  Flagellar assembly protein FliH signature                   
FLGFLIJ          7  Flagellar FliJ protein signature                            
FLGHOOKFLIK     10  Flagellar hook-length control protein signature             
NAFLGMOTY       13  Sodium-type flagellar protein MotY precursor signature      
SSPAKPROTEIN     5  Invasion protein B family signature
SSPAMPROTEIN     8  Salmonella surface presentation of antigen gene type M signature
SSPANPROTEIN    14  Salmonella invasion protein InvJ signature
INVEPROTEIN      6  Salmonella/Shigella invasion protein E (InvE) signature
FRATAXIN         7  Frataxin signature
GFGPROTEIN       8  Anti-sense to fibroblast growth factor protein GFG signature
IGFBPFAMILY	 4  Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein family signature
IGFBPFAMILY1	 5     Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1 signature
IGFBPFAMILY2	 3     Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 2 signature
IGFBPFAMILY3	 4     Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 3 signature
IGFBPFAMILY4	 3     Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 4 signature
IGFBPFAMILY5	 3     Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 5 signature
IGFBPFAMILY6	 4     Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 6 signature
ODORANTBPGP9	 7  Pheromone-binding protein Gp-9 signature
GFLUORESCENT    11  Green fluorescent protein signature
GPROTEINA        3  Alpha G-protein (transducin) signature
GPROTEINA12      7     G-protein alpha subunit group 12 signature
GPROTEINAI       7     G-protein alpha subunit group I signature
GPROTEINAQ       7     G-protein alpha subunit group Q signature
GPROTEINAS       7     G-protein alpha subunit group S signature
GPROTEINAFNG     5     Fungal G-protein alpha subunit signature
GPROTEINAPLT     8     Plant G-protein alpha subunit signature
GPROTEINB        4  Beta G-Protein (transducin) signature
GPROTEINBRPT  P  3  G-protein beta WD-40 repeat signature
GPROTEING        3  Gamma G-protein (transducin) signature
G10           P  5  G10 protein signature
GALLIDERMIN      2  Gallidermin signature
NISIN            3  Nisin signature
GERMIN           3  Germin signature
GTP1OBG       P  4  GTP/OBG GTP-binding protein family signature
SAR1GTPBP     P  5  GTP-binding SAR1 protein signature
ICENUCLEATN   P  6  Ice nucleation protein signature
60KDINNERMP      9  60kD inner membrane protein signature
HEMAGGLUTN12     6  Haemagglutinin HA1/HA2 chain signature
HEMAGGLUTN1      8     Haemagglutinin HA1 chain signature
HEMAGGLUTN2      5     Haemagglutinin HA2 chain signature
HISTRIAD      P  3  Histidine triad family signature
HIVVPRVPX        3  HIV R-ORF/X-ORF protein signature
FILOVP35         8  Filoviridae VP35 signature
HSVINTEGRLMP     5  Herpsevirus integral membrane protein signature
LVIRUSORF2       9  Luteovirus ORF2 putative replicase 1 signature
LVIRUSORF5       6  Luteovirus ORF5 VPG protein signature
LVIRUSORF6      14  Luteovirus ORF6 protein signature
CALICVIRUSNS     6  Calicivirus non-structural polyprotein family signature
HUNTINGTIN       6  Huntingtin signature
JOSEPHIN        11  Josephin signature
HUPFHYPC      P  4  hupF/hypC hydrogenase expression/synthesis family signature
HYDRGNUPTAKE     5  Hydrogen uptake protein signature
KININOGEN        3  HMW kininogen signature
KUPTAKETRKA      5  TRKA potassium uptake protein signature
LEPTIN           7  Obesity factor (leptin) signature
CD2ANTIGEN	 5  T-cell surface CD2 antigen signature
CD4TCANTIGEN     6  T-cell surface glycoprotein CD4 signature
MAREKSGPA        8  Marek's disease glycoprotein A signature
GLYCPROTEINC     7  Glycoprotein C signature
HPOMPFAMILY      4  Helicobacter pylori outer membrane protein family signature
LYSASSOCTDMP  P  5  Lysosome-associated membrane glycoproteins signature
LEUILEVALBP      7  Leu/Ile/Val-binding protein family signature
MHCIIACTVATR    11  MHC class II transactivator signature
MG045FAMILY	 9  Uncharacterised MG045 lipoprotein family signature
LANTIPROCESS     4  Lantibiotic leader peptide processing protein signature
LATPROTEIN       6  Linker for activation of T cells (LAT) signature
LIPPROTEIN48     8  Mycoplasma P48 major surface lipoprotein signature 
LIPOLPP20     P  8  Lpp20 lipoprotein precursor signature                       
LPSBIOSNTHSS     5  Lipopolysaccharide core biosynthesis protein signature      
LYMPHSPCIFIC    10  Lymphocyte-specific protein signature
Y06768FAMILY     6  MG067/MG068/MG395 hypothetical protein family signature
LETHAL2GIANT     9  Lethal(2) giant larvae protein signature
MARCKS        P  4  Marcks family signature
NAPIN            5  Napin signature
NATRESASSCMP     7  Natural resistance-associated macrophage protein signature
NSFATTACHMNT     7  NSF attachment protein signature
NUSGTNSCPFCT  P  3  Transcription termination factor nusG signature
P40PHOX          6  Neutrophil cytosol factor p40 signature
P47PHOX          6  Neutrophil cytosol factor 1 signature
P67PHOX          6  Neutrophil cytosol factor 2 signature     
OCULARALBNSM     9  Ocular albinism type 1 protein signature
ORNATIN          4  Ornatin signature
OUTRSURFACE      7  Outer surface protein signature
PCNACYCLIN    P  6  Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (cyclin) signature
PHOSDUCIN        8  Phosducin signature
PIIGLNB       P  4  P-II protein signature
POLYCYSTIN1     10  Polycystic kidney disease type 1 protein (PKD1) signature
POLYCYSTIN2     10  Polycystic kidney disease type 2 protein (PKD2) signature
NORRIEDSEASE     6  Norrie disease protein signature
PARKIN           9  Parkin signature
PRESENILIN       4  Presenilin family signature
PRESENILIN1      4     Presenilin 1 signature
PRESENILIN2      4     Presenilin 2 signature
PRESENILNSEL     4     C.elegans Sel-12 (presenilin) signature
PRION         P  8  Prion protein signature
RABGDIREP        7  Rab GDI/REP protein family signature
RABGDI           9     Rab GDI protein signature
RABESCORT       11     Rab escort (choroideraemia) protein signature
YEASTMRS6P      12     Yeast Mrs6p protein signature
RASTRNSFRMNG     5  Transforming protein p21 ras signature
RECOVERIN        7  Recoverin signature
RHSPROTEIN       5  RHS protein signature
RHESUSRHD       12  Rhesus blood group protein signature
SAPOSIN         13  Saposin signature
SMP30FAMILY      6  Senescence marker protein-30 (SMP30) family signature
REGUCALCIN       4     Regucalcin signature
SELECTIN         4  Selectin superfamily complement-binding repeat signature
SPERMDNBNDNG    10  Bacterial periplasmic spermidine/putrescine-binding protein signature
BCTRLSENSOR      4  Bacterial sensor protein C-terminal signature
LUXSPROTEIN      5  Bacterial autoinducer-2 (AI-2) production protein LuxS signature
LCRVANTIGEN      9  Low calcium response V antigen signature
SOPEPROTEIN      9  Salmonella type III secretion SopE effector protein signature
RTXTOXINA        7  Gram-negative bacterial RTX toxin determinant A family signature
RTXTOXINC        4  Gram-negative bacterial RTX toxin-activating protein C signature
RTXTOXIND        3  Gram-negative bacterial RTX secretion protein D signature
TATBPROTEIN      3  Bacterial sec-independent translocation TatB protein signature
STARPROTEIN      9  Steroidogenic acute regulatory protein signature
STATHMIN      P  5  Stathmin family signature
STOMATIN         7  Stomatin signature
SYNUCLEIN        5  Synuclein signature 
ASYNUCLEIN       4     Alpha-synuclein signature
BSYNUCLEIN       4     Beta-synuclein signature
GSYNUCLEIN       4     Gamma-synuclein signature
SUPERTUBBY       7  Tubby superfamily signature
TUBBYPROTEIN     9     Tubby protein signature
TAFAZZIN         6  Tafazzin signature
TAPASIN          8  Tapasin signature
TISSUEFACTOR  P  8  Tissue factor signature
TCTPROTEIN       3  Translationally controlled tumour protein signature
TREACLE          3  Treacher Collins syndrome protein Treacle signature
THAUMATIN     P  6  Pathogenesis-related protein family signature
TUBERIN         10  Tuberin signature
MCEVIRFACTOR     8  Mycobacterial cell entry (MCE) protein signature
MONELLINA        3  Monellin A chain signature
MONELLINB        3  Monellin B chain signature
MGTCSAPBPROT     4  MgtC/SapB protein signature
VIRALFUSION      3  Viral fusion protein signature
SIBAPROTEIN      4  Streptococcal non-M secreted SibA protein signature
BR22PROTEIN      6  BR22 protein signature
SONICHHOG        9  Sonic hedgehog protein signature
SURFCEANTIGN     8  Protozoan surface antigen signature
SYNEMBRYN        6  Synembryn signature
UBIQUITOUSSP     6  Ubiquitous surface protein signature
UBIQUITIN     P  3  Ubiquitin signature
UXTPROTEIN       6  Ubiquitously expressed transcript protein signature
UNVRSLSTRESS     3  Universal stress protein signature
UPF0595		 4  UPF0595 uncharacterised protein signature
PNCREATITSAP     6  Pancreatitis-associated protein signature
VD09PROTEIN      8  Viral protein D9 signature
VD10PROTEIN      6  Viral protein D10 signature
VACJLIPOPROT     4  VacJ lipoprotein signature
VIRFACTRMVIN     7  Virulence factor MviN signature
VIRIONINFFCT     7  Virion infectivity factor signature
Y414FAMILY      11  Hypothetical protein y414 family signature                  
CMYCBINDINGP	 3  C-Myc-binding protein signature
ACTREGSIRT1	 4  Active regulator of SIRT1 signature
AUTOPHGYRP14	 3  Autophagy-related protein 14 signature
DEXMETHSNEIP	 4  Dexamethasone-induced protein signature
AURORABORA	 6  Aurora borealis protein signature 
CDK2IP		 7  Cyclin-dependent kinase 2-interacting protein signature
PROTEINF153	 5  Protein family FAM153 signature
CCSMST1		 4  Cattle cerebrum and skeletal muscle-specific protein 1 signature 
CANCERSCCP1	 9  Cancer susceptibility candidate protein 1 signature
FIBROSIN1LPF	 5  Fibrosin-1-like protein family signature
FAM138ABCDF	 4  Retina-specific protein F379 family signature
BREFELDNASP4	14  Brefeldin A-sensitivity protein 4 signature 
PROTEINF25	 4  Protein family FAM25 signature
PROTEINF36A	 4  Protein family FAM36A signature
PROTEINF175	 5  Protein family FAM175 signature
ABRAXAS 	 7     BRCA1-A complex subunit Abraxas signature
BRISCABRO1	 9     BRISC complex subunit Abro1 signature
FAM175PLANT	 9     Plant protein family FAM175 signature
PROTEINF105	 8  Protein family FAM105 signature
PROTEINF105A	 6     Protein family FAM105A signature
PROTEINF105B	 5     Protein family FAM105B signature
JAGGEDFAMILY	 6  Jagged/Serrate protein family signature
CENTROSOME78	 4  78 kDa centrosomal protein signature
DONSON		 3  Downstream neighbour of Son (DONSON) protein signature
PROTEINDPCD	 4  Protein DPCD signature
PROTEINEAF5	 4  Chromatin modification-related EAF5 protein signature
VOPPROTEIN1	 4  Vesicular, over-expressed in cancer, pro-survival protein 1 signature
ECCREGULATOR	 5  Endothelial cell-specific chemotaxis regulator signature
NGLYCOSEOS1	 3  N-glycosylation protein EOS1 signature
PPDPFACTOR 	 3  Pancreatic progenitor cell differentiation & proliferation factor signature
4JOINTEDBOX1	 7  Four-jointed box protein 1 signature
FOLLICULNIP1	 5  Folliculin-interacting protein 1 signature
PROTEINFRG2	 7  Protein FRG2 signature
PROTEINFYV8	 6  Protein FYV8 signature
PROTEINGAPT	 5  Protein GAPT signature
GATSLIKEFMLY	 5  GATS-like protein family signature
GIGANTEA	13  Protein GIGANTEA signature
GLC7IP4		 7  GLC7-interacting protein 4 signature
GKINASEAP1	 9  G kinase-anchoring protein 1
GOLM1CASC4	 4  Golgi membrane protein 1/Cancer susceptibility candidate gene 4 signature
HAUSAUGMINL1	 5  HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 1 signature
HAUSAUGMINL2	 5  HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 2 signature
HAUSAUGMINL3	 7  HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 3 signature
HAUSAUGMINL4	 9  HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 4 signature
HAUSAUGMINL5	11  HAUS augmin-like complex subunit 5 signature
HEPBVIRUSXIP	 3  Hepatitis B virus X-interacting protein signature
HDA1SUBUNIT3	 5  HDA1 complex subunit 3 signature
HYLETHALUSS1	 8  Hydrolethalus syndrome protein 1 signature
GENEIEX1	 6  Radiation-inducible immediate-early gene IEX-1 signature
A8IMIRACIDIA	 4  Immunogenic miracidial antigen 8I' signature
INPROXISOME1	 5  Inheritance of peroxisomes protein 1 signature
INOS145TPRIP	 6  Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor-interacting protein signature

Note: P indicates the existence of a related PROSITE pattern; the following
figure indicates the number of motifs in the fingerprint.